National Committee to combat Human Trafficking goes online


Website reflects committee’s commitment to strengthen communication with UAE community: Dr Gargash

ht-webThe UAE National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking (NCCHT) officially launched its website: The initiative is aimed at enhancing the committee’s communication activities to reach all segments of the UAE community and enhance awareness about human trafficking amongst individuals.

His Excellency Dr. Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Federal National Council Affairs and Chairman of the committee, said the online initiative highlights the UAE’s commitment to leverage all necessary tools to combat transnational human trafficking crimes and to limit its impact on the society.

He said that going online will help establish an interactive role with the members of the community and better explain to the public about human trafficking crimes and ways of avoiding them. The website will serve as a new communication channel enabling individuals to send their queries and notify officials about any suspect activity related to human trafficking cases.

The new website offers a number of services and interactive features, explaining to the public the nature of the committee’s mandate and efforts exerted to fight human trafficking as well as highlighting the committee’s core areas of work.
Laws and legislations, and local and international agreements related to the crime can be viewed on the website, including the Federal law 51/2006 as well as the definitions of the crime.

The website hosts a special section dedicated to annual reports issued by the committee regarding various initiatives and steps taken to fight human trafficking, besides policies and legislations enforced by the UAE on this matter. Another section, which will be updated daily, has been dedicated to news and events relating to the committee.

The website also features another important interactive feature – ‘Contact Us’ – that allows contact with officials via e-mail, thus enabling users to send complaints and notify the committee about cases related to human trafficking. The site also has a suggestions box which is aimed to have the public’s opinion on ways to develop the committee’s tasks and on different issues related to combating human trafficking crimes.

About The UAE National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking:
The UAE National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking was established under Federal Law 51 for the year 2006 to address the crime of human trafficking. It represents the first law of its kind in the Arab world to address the practice of human trafficking and demonstrates the UAE’s commitment to international treaties and standards.
The Committee is tasked with developing an implementation framework for this important legislation. As part of its ongoing efforts to address this issue, the UAE recently ratified the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

A main focus of the Committee on Human Trafficking is to update legislation related to this issue in order to provide protections and security according to international standards. Other responsibilities include assessment of government implementation procedures, coordination between government divisions, and creation of public awareness of human trafficking issues in society.


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