Dhamani and International Diamond Laboratories add sparkle to DSF festivities


1.  Dhamani launches Dubai’s largest solitaire collection
2.  Every solitaire is certified by International Diamond Laboratories

dhamani-solitaires-certified-by-international-diamond-laboratoriesDhamani and International Diamond Laboratories, a subsidiary of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, have added an element of sparkle to the Dubai Shopping Festival with the launch of the largest collection of certified individual solitaire diamonds in Dubai. The diamonds, available from the Dhamani flagship store in Dubai Mall, offer customers greater choice in bespoke jewellery. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, every diamond in the collection comes with an International Diamond Laboratories certificate providing accurate information on its colour, cut, clarity and carat.

The launch event was attended by Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre; Laila Suhail, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Shopping Festival Office, officials from Dhamani and International Diamond Laboratories; and VIP guests.

peter-meeus-ahmed-bin-sulayem-laila-suhail-and-amit-dhamani-at-the-unveilingSpeaking at the unveiling, Amit Dhamani, CEO and Managing Director of Dhamani, said the collection was introduced to give customers the unique opportunity to design their own jewellery. Peter Meeus, CEO of International Diamond Laboratories, commented on the growing consumer interest in diamond certification.

“Today it is not uncommon for customers to ask for a certificate when they buy diamond or diamond jewellery, there is an increased awareness of the benefits of certification. In the current economic situation, people are more conscious of what they are paying for and a certificate assures them of the value of their diamond,” said Peter Meeus.

Commenting on the new collection, Laila Suhail said:”The jewellery sector in Dubai has always been supportive of Dubai Shopping Festival and initiatives like the solitaire collection give more options to shoppers. The fact that they come with an International Diamond Laboratories certificate is an added bonus and speaks for quality products that Dubai is so famous for. “

The Dhamani Solitaires are available in different cuts including rounds, pears, marquise, princess and hearts as well as in various sizes ranging from 0.30 carats to 10 carats. The collection provides greater choice of engagement rings built to customer preferences.

Amit Dhamani, CEO and Managing Director of Dhamani, added: “Solitaire is the ultimate expression of individuality; it embodies the uniqueness of the woman who wears it and that of the stone itself. We decided to introduce a collection of individual solitaires to give customers the unique opportunity to design their own jewellery.

“As the diamonds come with a certificate from the International Diamond Laboratories, customers can also specify the carat and clarity they require when they select the colour and cut of the diamond. We also have a designer in-house who can help customers to create unique designs of their choice.”

About International Diamond Laboratories
International Diamond Laboratories is a DMCC initiative and a direct result of the Diamond Master Plan that DMCC adopted in 2007 to further develop services for the diamond trade. International Diamond Laboratories provides diamond traders and jewellers with quality reports/certificates of authentication of polished diamonds. These certificates assure customers that the diamond they purchase is of high quality. International Diamond Laboratories provides high-quality diamond certification services from its headquarters in the UAE and branch offices
in Valenza, Antwerp, Istanbul and Mumbai.

Employing proprietary technology and with a focus on research and development, International Diamond Laboratories is transforming the traditional art of diamond grading into a science, ensuring the highest possible level grading standards along with the greatest level of consumer confidence. Services of International Diamond Laboratories are additionally customised to best meet the needs of its clients in the region. The company is the first service provider worldwide to issue Arabic language diamond certificates.

About Dhamani
A leading Dubai based jeweler, manufacturer and supplier of diamonds, precious/semi precious stones, pearls and fine jewellery since 1969, Dhamani Jewels DMCC is a company of local and international repute. With offices around the world, Dhamani has manufacturing facilities in Italy, Beirut, Istanbul and Thailand. The company was awarded ‘Good Jewellery Practice’ certification by Dubai Municipality.

Dhamani is the first multi-integrated jeweller in the region. By cutting and polishing stones and then selling them to consumers in its stores, it controls the entire value chain, thereby ensuring the highest quality and expert craftsmanship.

Dhamani Jewels DMCC also holds the exclusive right to sell the Dubai Cut Diamond, an exceptional new diamond with 99 Facets inspired by the 99 Holy names of Allah. The unique cut is produced solely by Kristall Corporation, the leading Russian polished diamond manufacturer, exclusively for DMCC under a legal patent.

For further info, please contact: Lisa George, ASDA’A Burson Marsteller, Dubai. E-mail:l.george@asdaa.com


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