EDC releases Health, Safety & Environment Manual


Documents staff & environmental commitment

The Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC) has developed a Health Safety & Environment Manual for all staff in line with the Dubai strategic plan 2015 as laid out by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

The manual has been developed in accordance with Dubai Government’s Human Resources Law for distribution to all of EDC’s employees and contractors.
“As an organisation committed to being a world class export development agency through innovation, EDC is strongly committed to our employee’s safety. We take health, safety and environmental issues across the entire range of our activities very seriously,” said Engineer Saed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Export Development Corporation.
“The development and distribution of this document not only outlines our commitment to meeting and exceeding mandatory requirements, it also demonstrates our vision of applying best practice strategies in regards the safety and wellbeing of our employees. “

The manual outlines the obligations of EDC’s management and employees in regard to providing a clean and safe working environment for all parties. The manual also explains the emergency response procedures for the organisation.

EDC’s Health Safety & Environment (HS&E) policy recognises that employee safety and the protection of assets are as important as the achievement of operational goals. It commits EDC to minimising the possibility of any accidents or property or environmental damage occurring and recognises the role that safety contributes to overall business performance. EDC’s policy also commits EDC’s staff to environmental and energy conservation practices.

A commitment to the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle of  office consumables such as paper, print cartridges and packaging materials is included in the guide as is information for employees on environmental benefits that can be gained from turning off monitors, lights and copiers at night and when not in use.
“This initiative shows the commitment of our entire organisation to our staff and our environment. This not only refers to our senior management but to all staff who are encouraged to offer up suggestions about other practices that can be implement to make our organisation as safe and sustainable as possible.” Engr. Al Awadi added.

About Dubai Export Development Corporation:

Having commenced operation in 2007, the Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC) is an autonomous organisation under the directive of the Government of Dubai. Its vision is to be a world-class model in assisting and facilitating exporters, by creating an enabling environment for exports, with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of Dubai as a preferred trading partner.

EDC has moulded its mission to identify and effectively deliver value-added trade support services to Dubai export enterprises for accelerated and profitable expansion of their business in foreign markets.

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