Limitless Galleries Plaza in numbers


The Galleries’, 20,000 square metre Plaza in Downtown Jebel Ali, is as big as three international football pitches placed end to end.  It features 14,000 square metres of granite, and saves 4,000 gallons of water each day through eco-friendly irrigation and cooling systems.  These figures, and more, add up to one outdoor masterpiece that is the social centre of Limitless’ flagship project.

More vital statistics on The Galleries Plaza:

  • 10,000 steps needed daily for optimum health: The Plaza encourages walking
  • 1,700 low energy lights throughout the grounds
  • 300 design, engineering and construction workers who delivered the project
  • 300 seats in The Plaza’s amphitheatre
  • 288 square metres of steel frame shielding The Plaza’s giant multimedia screen
  • 200 trees planted throughout the Plaza
  • 176 individual monitors linked together to make one large digital screen
  • 140 aquatic plants in the Lotus Pond at The Plaza
  • 105 square metre screen overlooking the amphitheatre
  • 50 sprinklers in The Plaza’s cascading water feature
  • 45 minutes to drive to reach The Plaza by road from Abu Dhabi
  • 41 giant Plaza pots with trees
  • 30 per cent of The Galleries’ total land area taken up The Plaza
  • 24 nozzles in the Orchid Fountain
  • 8 LEED-certified mixed-use buildings surrounding The Plaza
  • 7 varieties of trees in The Plaza
  • 4 podium level ‘mini Plazas’, overlooking the main grounds
  • 2 years of work to complete The Plaza
  • 1 eco-friendly, social hub of The Galleries

To find out more on leasing at The Galleries, call Limitless on  971 4 435 7868 or visit


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