Five Top Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry in 2020


Cosmetic dentistry is the fastest-growing field in the dental industry, with a growth rate of 200 percent since 1996. And with the innovation in veneers, and technology such as 3D printing and an aging baby boomer population, the industry is expected to grow significantly over the coming years.

 aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth and provide individuals with a perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening

An increase in the geriatric population, unhealthy food habits accompanied by consumption of junk food, caffeine, soda, liquor, tobacco, etc., discoloration of tooth is an ever-increasing problem in the society.

The teeth whitening trend is garnering a lot of popularity amongst individuals today. The industry has seen a massive turnaround in the last decade, with annual sales of whitening toothpastes around the world adding up to $ 3.2 billion and the whitening procedures and products industry is estimated to be a whopping $11 billion with an expectation of this number to continue growing with each passing year. The forecast of the global whitening market by the next year itself is $630 million.

The major factor that has influenced the growth of this industry is the rising awareness about oral hygiene. Some other factors such as easy availability of teeth whitening OTC products have also made a difference in its demand. But the mindset of the society and the stigma associated with discoloration of teeth is what really pushes people to undergo procedures and opt for such products.

Positive reviews from patients have been instrumental in building the trust in people suffering from teeth discoloration. Out of all the patients globally, 82.5% of them stated that they saw a noticeable improvement in the color of their teeth after a professional treatment.

Teeth whitening is a serious business as it is an option to make or break your career or your personal life. A recent report revealed that candidates are 58% more likely to land a job after they have had your teeth brightened and nearly 100% of people have a perspective that an attractive smile is a social asset and a confidence booster.

The desire for the perfect Hollywood smile

The dazzling effect of the Hollywood smile on the red carpet has become a prominent feature in Hollywood. The Hollywood Smile constitutes specific attributes of pearly, bright, aligned, and gap-free whites, with the aim to obtain an ideal set of teeth and a glowing grin.

To obtain the Hollywood smile, individuals can go through a simple procedure that can fix an extensive array of dental impairments. Relying solely on dental veneers, shell-like structures made of varying materials are applied to the façade of the teeth to eclipse the current dental issues and reinvent the smile, self-esteem and self-image.

Scaling and polishing

Dental Polishing market size to maintain the average annual growth rate of 6.1% from 252 million $ in 2014 to 301 million $ in 2019, BisReport analysts believe that in the next few years, Dental Polishing market size will be further expanded, we expect that by 2024, the market size of the Dental Polishing will reach $390 million.

The accumulation of food and bacteria in the teeth is a natural process that occurs as we eat and drink. The problem starts when this is not cleaned out regularly and eventually results in dental plaque. To get rid of this stubborn and harmful plaque, an individual will have to follow the scaling dental procedure that involves removing the calculus deposits or stains on the teeth.

With regular removal of these deposits, an individual may experience reduced gingivitis (a mild form of gum disease) and prevent escalation of the disease to periodontics (a severe gum disease). It also helps stop bad breath in an individual to a large extent. Regular scaling and polishing by a dentist help keep teeth and gums healthy.

Clear aligners as the growing cosmetic trend

A new trend of clear aligners has been introduced in the dental market. It has led to the extinction of the system of wearing uncomfortable wires and bands to get a straight set of teeth. Clear aligners are made of transparent plastic so they can barely be seen and can offer greater convenience to the user. One can continue with their normal social and professional life without losing confidence in their physical appearance or compromising on their eating habits.

According to a survey, 70% of people believe that by just improving their facial aesthetics and smile, they can boost their confidence and self-esteem. The study also highlighted that when adults feel more confident due to their improved smile and appearance, they are perceived as a happier, attractive, successful and smarter being.

Over 8 million people, including 1.4 million plus teenagers, have opted to use clear aligners to transform their smiles and their social lives.

Dental implants

The global dental implant market size is expected to drive huge growth through 2024. The procedure for implantology includes specialized diagnosis and treatment of missing teeth, replacing a single missing tooth, or a partial or full replacement of the entire upper or lower teeth. Dental implants can help with preserving the natural bone structure, restore normal function and appearance, provide facial and aesthetic appeal and also improve a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. To learn more, visit



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