Teeth Whitening Can Make You Look and Feel Younger


Are your teeth as pearly as they were ten years ago? Having a beautiful, bright smile makes us look younger and prettier, but sooner or later age, smoking, coffee and medications affect our teeth. The great news is, you don’t have to live with a dark, discoloured smile anymore because science can restore the earlier brightness of teeth to make you look and feel younger.

item_XL_5216760_2034509 Today there are two basic methods for teeth whitening – bleaching and whitening. While bleaching actually changes teeth colour and removes both deep and surface stains, it is more sharp and irritating. Whitening products use physical or chemical action to help remove surface stains only and they are safer than bleaching peroxides. There are many products on the market promising super-fast results, but some of them have only temporal effect. Proved and verified brands offer products for each individual needs which provide quality, safety and efficiency.

Let’s start with the Smile Whitening Ampoules which are a key component in Go Smile teeth whitening technology. They contain a specially designed serum having just the right concentration of hydrogen peroxide – powerful to whiten more efficiently and quickly but safer than the dosage in other products. The serum also contains a proprietary polymer which keeps the peroxide on to the surface of the teeth and then safely dissolves on its own. In fact, this Ampoule Technology keeps the serum fresh, stable and ready to use at any time.

One of the greatest products of the Go Smile Whitening System is the Pre-Whitening Gel which prepares the teeth for the actual process of whitening. It cuts the time of this process in half, but more importantly, it greatly reduces the sensitivity of teeth and keeps them safe. It doesn’t whiten by itself but it provides speed and comfort.

Of course, Go Smile also offer a toothpaste, the even Am and Pm Toothpaste Duo which provides you with the perfect dental care –hygiene, protection and whitening, during the day and the night. The toothpaste is enriched with aromatherapy essential oils for calming sensitivity, and fluoride against tooth decay.

As a whole, teeth whitening products are currently very hot on the personal care products market, with many of them providing high quality at affordable prices.


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