Fitness Bootcamp DXB Announces the Upcoming ‘FIT RAMADAN Challenge’


FBC DXB (Fitness Bootcamp DXB), the most renowned fitness company in Dubai, and which has been in the region for over four years now and led by coach Mostafa Mersal, has created a fitness challenge under the name of the ‘FIT RAMADAN CHALLENGE’ Program.

The program designed by coach Mostafa includes a high intensity workout from bodyweight and weight lifting, as well as cardio exercises. The focus of the challenge relies on both the biggest drop of fat percentage, in-addition to the biggest gain of muscle mass.

Mostafa Mersal said: “With the holy month of Ramadan fast approaching, this is the best time of the year with to do this program. People usually get worried about the amount of food they are consuming at Iftar timing, but I can assure them that with this program and if they follow it correctly, with our guidance of nutrition tip each participant can achieve their desired goal.

They will be able to maintain their fitness for the entire month. The type of exercise I created is ideal for both fasting and non-fasting people to help them get in the best body shape ever’

At FBC DXB you will always find new and different type of challenges, for both individual and team challenges, such as the ABS Challenge, the Plank Challenge, the Squat Challenge and the X- Team Challenge.

Mersal added: ‘I usually create challenges to provide my clients with the opportunity to test their strength, challenge themselves, and maximize their full physical and athletic potential. This year we will have two winners for two different competitions, which consist of the biggest drop in fat percentage and the biggest gain of muscle mass. Of course, everybody is welcome to take part in this competition and I hope to see you all there!”

With more fitness challenges taking place lately in Dubai, we can see that the residents of this city have a big appetite in becoming healthier and more fit. Participating in all these challenges will allow them the opportunity to test themselves and have a more accurate assessment of their overall fitness level.


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