Tips and Tricks for Renovating Your Home Interior Without Having to Change Furniture


How to renovate home interior without having to change all the furniture

Words by Ujjwal Goel, Managing Director of La Sorogeeka Interiors and Teraceil Group

We all crave the creature comforts of a cosy, well-designed home. So, how can we refresh and update our homes without having to change all the furniture? If you are looking to enrich or enhance the style of your home, here Ujjwal Goel provides a few of his favourite interior design tips that will have each space feeling like new.


Thankfully, when it comes to walls, we have the highest variety of upgrade opportunities, such as paint, artwork, shelvings, wall panels, and other decorative elements. Walls can make or break your space, but luckily there are many solutions that are easy to apply and can completely revamp a room. With the current trend to have a feature wall as the statement piece in a room, my favourite technique is to install 3D patterned wallpapers as they bring your walls to life and can make your room appear extremely interesting and full of character. La Sorogeeka Interiors’ carved gypsum techniques can create 3D patterns, columns, carvings and accessories to add glamour to any plain wall. Of course, there is also the option of an accent wall painted in your favourite colour. But don’t forget to repeat the colour in some accessories, cushions, or artwork, to make it a complete concept and coordinated look, without being contrived.


Whatever piece you may want to add or replace within your space, make sure the proportions are correct. Nothing is worse than having bulky heavy furniture blocking a small room. A tip is to try to select furniture with high legs and wall mounted elements,  the more we see of the floor the bigger the space feels. The latest Rhapsody Collection from ANCA is a head-turner with pieces adorned with semi-precious stones that can transform any dull space into a glamorous scene.

Storage Space

Select intelligent furniture with integrated storage space. One of the biggest challenges we face in lived in spaces is how to store the “necessities” of life without having them seen – it doesn’t take a hoarder to accumulate boxes of additional belongings which for one reason or another cannot simply be discarded. Think beach chairs, suitcases, cooler boxes and recreational toys. A great storage solution for spaces is a centre table or a bed with bottom storage compartment, simple whisk everything underneath your sleeping pod in complete stylish disguise. Also don’t forget to make use of the walls with cabinets and floating shelves, so much space can be earned from exploiting this opportunity.

Colour Schemes to tie everything in

It’s important to find one colour scheme and to implement it throughout every part of the house, from the curtains to the towels. Tip, keep a clean base colour like (white, champagne, light grey) and select one wood (like a white oak), one metal (like polished brass), one stone colour (like white marble) and one strong pinch of colour (like a royal green or navy blue). With marble coming in a variety of colours and styles, with Teraciel Marble Industries providing the largest selection of coloured stones in the region, you can accent any neutral colour palette with a splash of sodalite blue, amazonite green or Giallo Siena yellow to help bring a room alive.

Finesse your floors

The foundation of any space. The right floor can make furnishing a room a pleasure. Tiles, marble or timber floors are complemented beautifully by deep pile rugs rich in texture, and for both open-plan or small spaces, use a rug to zone the seating or dining area.

Add Natural Materials to the Mix

Natural materials and wood are excellent ways to enhance and refresh your home. Seek out neutral tones in linen and cotton, and bring to the mix wood, suede and even leather to create a warm atmosphere. Introduce one consistent metal into the equation, such as brass, to ensure details throughout the space are consistent. In combination with your beautiful potted plant, plush lounge with cushions and throw, and the amber hues of your soft low lighting and candles will provide your home will a feeling of being brand new.


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