Questions To Answer Before Hiring a Cleaning Company


In Dubai, you may find a lot of commercial and residential cleaning services providers. However, to choose the one with extensive experience and reliability requires certain conditions to be fulfilled. Thought for a second we are offering access to in our home when we hire a cleaning company. So would not it be a wise decision to ask a few questions before choosing the one?

In this blog let’s talk about the most crucial question that needs to be answered and how can you determine the trustworthiness of a cleaning company.

How long you’ve been in the cleaning service industry?

One of the most crucial questions to ask the potential candidate before hiring them is how long they have been providing services in the cleaning industry?  The experience of a cleaning services provider not only offer great insight into their expertise to perform a job but also tell about the consistency. So the experience question would offer you a great start to knowing whom you are giving an entry in your home.

What kind of employee background check criteria do you use?

Hiring the personnel for the Dubai cleaning services, put the name of hiring company at the stack. Even though the checking of the background of employees before hiring is utmost important, however, most of the companies ignore it. Well, we want to add here that background check is essential and if a cleaning company offers not a satisfactory answer, then you should ignore that option.

What cleaning products do you use?

Another important question regarding the effectiveness services is the products they use. Ask them regarding the products and equipment they have with them to complete the job. A professional cleaning company never compromise on the quality of service they provide.

Does the cleaning company is bonded and insured?

Almost all professional cleaning services in Dubai own the general liability insurance and bonding, so if your service provider has all the requirements fulfilled hire them immediately.

Do you offer a customer satisfaction guarantee?

What kind of refund policy do they have in place? If you are not satisfied with the quality of service offered to make sure you may ask for a full refund from the company. Most of the cleaning service Dubai companies ask the customers if they want re-cleaning, however, it not only offers you mental disturbance but wastes your time.

What is the company policy for breaking and damage?

In Dubai, Cleaning service is a job that requires a lot of attention and care. If the job does not get performed with care and attention, it may cause the form of breakage or damaging of personal items. So ask before hiring the cleaning services, what kind of policy do they have in case of any such mishap? Also, ask them regarding the safety measure they have to avoid such incidences.

If you are thinking about hiring a cleaning company in Dubai, then do not forget to ask the questions mentioned above before hiring them. A professional company like will always answer the question confidently to offer you peace of mind.


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