UAE’s First Weight Loss App Helps You Lose 2-4Kgs in a Month?


First scientific online and app based weight loss program, ‘weightmonitor UAE’ has been launched with the aim of curbing runaway obesity in the region, which has been attributed to peculiar eating habits and healthy lifestyle.

Making its debut in the Middle East fitness and nutrition market, weightmonitor UAE, an online & mobile weight loss app based weight management service, is poised to disrupt the UAE wellness sector through its unique service offering and affordable price points with an introductory offer of a free service for the first month

Weightmonitor UAE understands the goals and objectives of the users and based on their existing lifestyles, health and medical conditions designs a diet plan for them. Whether the person is suffering from diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure or looking for a weight loss program post-delivery, weightmonitor UAE offers its users unrestricted access to a dedicated personal nutritionist and its proprietary motivational scoring tool to help them achieve their objectives and stay fit without having to visit a fitness center, nutritionist clinic, machine based weight loss programs or use of ineffective diet regimes.

The entry of weightmonitor UAE in the region comes against the backdrop of rising cases of obesity with the average UAE resident being classified as being overweight with a BMI of about 25.6, a statistic, which, according to the spokesman, the program aims to reverse.
Obesity continues to be a serious concern among Dubai and UAE residents at large with current statistics painting a grim picture of the situation. A recent survey by Zurich International Life showed that slightly over 47 percent of UAE residents were overweight with most of them clocking a BMI of between 25 and 30. According to a senior UAE health ministry spokesperson, obesity induced diseases such as Diabetes in the UAE has affected 19% (1 Million residents) of the population and already accounts for 3% of all deaths in the country.

“By pioneering UAE’s online and mobile app-based weight loss space, weightmonitor UAE comes as a sigh of relief for residents who are looking for a result oriented solution while at the same time factoring in their financial muscle, limited time, existing lifestyle, available food and technology,” noted Dev Khosla, Founder , weightmonitor UAE

With its unique and unmatched price point of AED499 for a three-month program, weightmonitor UAE users get access to a nutrition expert multiple times a day and also enjoy up to six diet plans as part of the three-month program. Consulting a nutritionist is not covered in the insurance most often and can be quite expensive. However with weightmonitor UAE you can get a daily food diary and a score review, weekly weight check-ins and a medical report analysis, which can be conducted via Skype meetings and App chats with their team of in-house certified nutrition experts under the training of India’s top nutritionist, Ishi Khosla.

According to Ishi Kholsa, the online and mobile weight loss program will help the user to not only lose weight consistently and stay fit all through, but also learn how to maintain and live a healthier lifestyle for life.

“weightmonitor UAE offers its users the ability to conveniently start an effective and sustainable weight loss program, consult qualified and experienced nutritionists, and motivate them to stay committed until they reach their desired goal and beyond.” said Ishi.
And to show its commitment to transforming Dubai into a fitter, healthier, and stunning city, weightmonitor will be available to users for free in the first month after the launch.

This offer will run from April 1st to 30th and users will get access to its premium service.
Upon sign up, a user’s weightmonitor program will be tailor-made to one’s lifestyle, medical condition, and requirements. weightmonitor UAE is available online on and on iOS App Store, and Android Play Store.


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