Twitter registered in DED as part of protecting trademarks

  • Underlines intellectual property protection initiatives of Dubai: Ibrahim Behzad
  • Dubai Provides an integrated IP rights protection system: Mashhoor Al Shamsi

Social networking service Twitter and it’s live video streaming service ‘Periscope’ have registered five of their brands with the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai as part of protecting them from intellectual property rights violations. The brands registered include the name ‘Twitter’ in English, the Twitter logo, the word ‘tweets’ as used by Twitter, the Periscope logo and the word ‘Periscope’ as used in the logo.

Ibrahim Behzad, Director of Intellectual Property Rights Management in the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in DED remarked: The decision by Twitter and Periscope underlines the growing significance of the online community in the UAE and the role of the Department of Economic Development in protecting the rights of brand owners.”

“Dubai is witnessing a major influx of world-leading brands mostly due to the diversity of nationalities here and the popularity enjoyed by the city as a retail and tourist destination. The diversity of products and services required in Dubai provides an opportunity for brands looking for high-growth markets,” added Behzad.

The Department of Economic Development has sharpened its focus on protecting intellectual property in recent years to safeguard the interests of trademark owners, dealers and consumers, Behzad said, adding that its’ part of the economic policy focus of Dubai on enabling sustainable economic development and achieving outstanding competitiveness levels.

Mashhoor Al Shamsi, Senior Manager, Intellectual Property and Commercial Agencies in DED, said:  “Intellectual property forms the basis of economic and social development, and it’s a critical area for Dubai given the number of brands expanding in the city. The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector seeks to facilitate doing business in Dubai and provide an integrated system that safeguards the rights of investors and intellectual property owners.”

Al Shamsi said DED deals gives equal importance to protecting all trademarks registered with it, irrespective of its size or market share. “We are committed to protecting any registered trademark and protecting intellectual property from commercial fraud and counterfeiting is part of our focus on protecting traders and consumers.”

Al Shamsi added that the role of CCCP is not limited to eliminating negative practices but also extends to educating businesses on the importance of protecting intellectual property and innovations. CCCP undertakes joint campaigns with businesses to ensure that markets and warehouses are free of counterfeit and adulterated goods and also conducts joint inspection along with other regulatory bodies to detect intellectual property rights violations.


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