Personal Branding: Three Unique Brooches to Make You Stand Out


The saying “You only have one chance to make a first impression” holds true in many situations, from job interviews to sales calls, blind dates and so on. Making a good first impression sets the scene for how a person continues to perceive you.

Often your wardrobe can help you stand out. Don’t force it if it doesn’t feel natural to you. But if you have a certain accessory or style you relish, you may consider making it a conscious part of your personal branding. It’s a lot easier to remember “Jane, the girl who always wears these unique brooches,” compared to “Jane, that girl who dresses like everyone else.”

At Dubai Chronicle’s offices, we are very keen on unique brooches this holiday season and while browsing to find the best Christmas gifts this year, we added a few to our shopping lists. 

So, take a look at three unique brooches that definitely make you stand out as no one in your social circles wears such accessories. 

The Beetle Bee is a brooch in the shape of a bee,  but it is blue and and rose gold in color. You can order it for $10,88 only. It is made of copper alloy and blue sapphire crystals, and hand-colored blue enamel. It could be added on any type of outfit from office to strictly formal.  

It is very suitable for a gift because you can get it in a special gift-box of Alilang. This retailer is something like Wonderland, with its vintage brooches, bracelets stylish and unusual pendants. This eye-cathcing insect-like brooch is a high quality accessory, combining unique design with a very attractive price.

The purple enamel crystal butterfly brooch is shaped as a butterfly and you can get it for $18,59. It is made of purple colored enamel with amethyst and light amethyst Swarovski crystals. Beautiful colors are used to build upon the majesty and splendor of this remarkable butterfly. Each high crystal is hand-faceted and checked for clarity and brilliance. It is equipped with a safety pin to be hang on your clothes. You can order it in a special gift-box, if it is intended as a gift for a close person. The size of the butterfly is 2.75 x 1.6 inches, but there are many smaller or larger similar accessories you can find at Fantasyard. And purple is the color of luxury, so welcome to the luxury society.

In the shape of a rose, EVER FAIT’s sparkling green blooming rose brooch is designed in the shape of a rose and you can have it for just $20,99. Made of metal alloy colored yellow gold, the piece is studded with dark green crystals while the back side is fitted with safety pin needed for attachment to the clothes. The size of the rose is 5,2×5 cm. This unique brooch is pretty suitable for any wear and event. For additional fee you can get it packed in a special gift-box or bag.

These sparkling and stricking accessories are very suitable for Christmas gifts too, and moreover, for everyone from your daughter or a person you don’t know well. 


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