Most Popular Video Game in 2016


The Pokémon craze is still alive although not that mind blowing as it was when it first kicked off. Now another fantastic game by gamefreak puts a fresh twist on a classic series.

Yes, we are describing the Pokemon Sun which launched November 18th exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. You can download it here. It is already the most popular video game on Amazon’s Best Sellers List.

The newest entries in the 20 year series certainly pack-a-punch in terms of all categories of ranking. It’s the most beautiful to date, takes place in a fresh, open and unique region, and has characters that you’ll find yourself loving before you know it!

Skyrocketing by demand to become the most popular video game, the Pokémon Sun obey strictly to the Nintendo rules and offers the traditional experience of 3DS console. Graphic design is quite improved, but you will hardly need to wander around the city to search “charmanders” … although, given the portability of Nintendo 3DS, nothing will baulk you to do this thing as well.

The game is set in a new region named Alola – a set of five tropical island inhabited by people, Pokémon and new “ultra beasts.” Players will be able to create teams to fill their “pokedeks” with different Pokémon. They will also be able to cross them to get a different and unusual type of Pokémon. Some of the Pokémon you’ll train and battle with can learn powerful new Z-Moves, -moves so strong they can be used only once in a battle. There are Z-Moves for every different type, as well as exclusive Z-Moves for certain Pokémon, including Eevee and Pikachu. You will be able to try them out in a battle to understand what these awesome moves can do!

Around every corner, your battling skills will be tested by tough Trainers! Epic battles are in store for you against Team Skull, a nefarious group of ruffians attempting to steal Pokémon, and you’ll also face the kahunas, the tough leaders of each island. And if you’re strong enough, you may reach the Battle Tree, a place where the most accomplished Trainers go to battle each other.

Your Pokémon can also enjoy a new experience known as Poké Pelago, a place for them to visit when they’ve been placed in PC Boxes. Poké Pelago is a group of islands where your Pokémon can explore, play, and do other fun activities. As your Pokémon play there, they might get stronger or get items for you.

Since the beginning of the game you will be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and you have to do your best to remember and understand it.

Pokémon Sun will be compatible with Pokemon Bank – Pokemon online storage system presented in previous Pokemon games.

Nintendo states that Pokémon caught in previous versions of the game will be available in Pokémon Sun.


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