Best Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Smartphones


It is not the iWatch when it comes to best smartwatch for iPhone, and moreover, compatible with Android devices.

The new generation of HUAWEI smartwatches is here. We are smart. We are self- confident. We are elegant. What do we need? Simple – statement pieces to express personality and character.

Smartwatches are getting more popular all over the world and in the same time more sophisticated. Now, the timepiece on your wrist can show you the messages you receive on your smartphone. Using the touch screen you may take a glance at your phone or tablet  without touching it.


The smartwatch gently vibrates when a message is received and you can also use it as a remote when listening to music through your headset. For even more convenience there is a speaker. The new generation of Huawei  smartwatches  is here to stay. It offers high performance and elegance. It is created to catch attention, but in the same time is compatible with iOS and Android enabled mobile devices. So, this jewel at a first glance is in fact the best smartwatch for iPhone and Android smartphones.

The featured in this post smartwatch is compatible with iOS.8.2 and Android 4.3 or later operating system. Though a bluetooth technology connects to your smartphone.

Huawei’s timepieces are mostly made of stainless steel, round 1.4´AMOLED screen, scratch resistant sapphire glass and have leather straps.

It is a great idea for sport lovers with its Built- in Heart rate monitoring. You can receive and save information about consumed  calories when you walk, run or climb. The smartwatch becomes an integral accessory and helps you  stay more  connected with your exercises. It  can detect your heart rhythm and movement speed. Such a smartwatch is intended for active people who need to receive information about their achieved results and stay on top of their game.

Inspired by the classical design of the elegant luxury watches, with a variety of watch faces, this Huawei’s timepiece is a stylish smartwatch for stylish people.


At present, ahead of the holiday sale, you can get this high quality and exquisite Huawei smartwatch for the competitive price of $385.06 here.


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