2016 Hottest Makeup Styles


The hottest makeup styles of 2016 have been as usually defined by celebrities’ red carpet and Instagram appearances. You should not doubt our selection. It is best to adapt quickly at least one of the here featured hottest makeup styles as there is still four months to go till the year’s end and there will be a lot of parties to grace with your appearances.


As soon as Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic posted a picture on his Instagram showcasing the sandbagging technique, it instantly became one of the hottest makeup styles of 2016. Sandbagging is a lot like baking, but even better. The aim of this technique is to provide a barrier that prevents the makeup from smearing all over the place.

It’s quite useful, isn’t it?

First you need to apply your base as normal and use your concealer to conceal the under-eye circles. Then you use a damp sponge to cake on loose powder underneath your eyes. Make a thick and a visible layer. Don’t be afraid to try to get as close to your lower lashes as possible. After your eyes are done, apply it underneath your lips and along jawline to create an extra highlight and stop your lipstick from smudging. You can finally apply your eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick. Once it’s done, use a big and fluffy brush to wipe the dust away. Here you go! It’s an easy technique that will make sure your makeup stays flawless for the rest of the day. We added a video of the original makeup styling session with Kim Kardashian, so you get an even better idea.


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