US President Obama isn’t buying villa on The Palm Jumeirah yet


The article links to a property listing by already closed Dubai-based real estate brokerage for a villa in Dubai that was still on the market as of this report. On Jan. 13, the English-language tabloid Xpress from Dubai quoted Tim Boswell, as dispelling the notion that Obama had purchased, or was even looking at the home.

“On a serious note, I know that a man of Obama’s stature will send his ‘people’ to view the villa before buying it, but we are not aware of any such buyers,” Boswell told the paper. “My villa has been up for sale since the last six weeks and I can assure you no presidents have viewed it so far.” The image of the villa on The Palm Jumeirah has been circulated widely online.

The US admiral was not fired because he criticized Obama’s idea to purchase a home in Dubai. In fact, the Navy Times reported on Jan. 9 that he was fired for “allegations of his misuse of government computer equipment.”

The websites circulating the rumors misappropriated the credibility of the cited companies with ties to Obama. The articles falsely claims that the Podesta Group, a powerful lobbying firm, put a deposit on the Dubai home for Obama, and that DLA Piper provided legal representation.

However, not only one villa on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is on the market for sale and if you fancy to have famous neighbors, you may consider purchasing a home in the neighbourhod.


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