iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone Mini?


Apple released its latest and hotly anticipated smartphone, the iPhone 5, in September 2012. However, rumours of a new iPhone are already circulating on the web.

Only a few hours ago, a French website published photos of what was said to be an iPhone 5S. But this may be a far fetched speculation, because the company is not likely to announce any new releases or upgrades before April or even later next year.

However, the pictures of the iPhone 5S show different views of a device that reminds a lot of an iPhone 5. It even has the Apple logo and the iPhone sign on its back panel. Many skilled Photoshop users can actually assemble even better pictures.

The mysterious device doesn’t really differ much from iPhone 5. But on the rear side of the phone there are a few screw holes which are placed differently from those of Apple’s latest smartphone.

Similar to iPhone 4S, the possible 5S edition of the phone is not expected to differ much from its predecessor. The 4S model had pretty much the same design like the one of iPhone 4. It only differed a little in terms of some of its hardware. That may also be the case with the next-generation iPhone even though that Apple needs to keep up with the competition and therefore it is expected to change the design of the device more drastically. This is hard to imagine at present.

The alleged iPhone 5S is marked with an “x”. Usually this sign is used to show that a given product is a prototype. But a prototype often does not reach the production line.

Not long ago, there was another rumour according to which Apple planned to launch its new smartphone in the summer of 2013. However, the company rarely releases devices in the summer. The last time when that happened was in 2010.

Rumours or no rumours, Apple would eventually unveil a new iPhone before the end of 2013. Therefore, even if the company works on the 5S version, it will probably get released a year after the last Apple smartphone.

Of course, Apple insiders will not comment neither on the newly released pictures, nor on iPhone 5S. Building a momentum, it is presumably part of the company’s advertising strategy! The more we speculate about the iPhone, the more we want one…

Certainly, this is just the start of the iPhone 5S excitement. There are much more speculations and mysterious pictures to come. So be ready and patient!

Apple’s plan B may include a giant leap towards the launch of an iPhone 6, which is not very much likely, but it can’t be ruled out as a possibility.

The company, of course, could stop upgrading the iPhone for few years. It may just stick to the iPhone 5 and sell as many as possible devices. Meanwhile, the company may work on a cheaper and more accessible for the masses version of the iPhone, which may even generate bigger revenues. Nokia recently released budget-friendly Lumia 620 with a price tag of $249. Samsung’s range of affordable smartphones is keeping it on top of the market in terms of sales. The cheaper version of the iPad – the iPad Mini – proves to be successful so far. Logically, a mini version of the iPhone could become a sales hit too.

In all cases, the iPhone brand is well established and costly to be written off in favor of a novelty. Although, to stay ahead of competition one needs to constantly reinvent itself!

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