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Rumoured Justin Bieber’s stunts in Dubai can’t go unnoticed


Justin BieberThe teen singer Justin Bieber who recently causes strong debates, enthusiasm and mania among his critics and fans managed to occupy tabloid covers once again. The teenage pop star is said to have booked an entire golf course and a water park for the time he will be in Dubai for the two dates of his world tour.

Bieb’s tour has been accompanied by accidents and scandals, as well as various reactions to the singer’s weird behavior. After disappointing his fans by pulling out his gig in Oman capital of Muscat without even an explanation, to everyone’s surprise, he added a second date in Dubai. Since then, Bieber fever has gripped fans in UAE and the Middle East and many teenagers are expected to arrive from Oman for the shows on May 4 and 5. Well, poor parents! They will have to travel the 280 miles to Dubai.

Several weeks ago, the singer was rumored to be looking for a house in Dubai. Although there still are no details about what house exactly, the rumor is that after having problems with his behavior lately, Justin Bieber decided to actually buy a house in the emirate. During his gig he would stay in his own house with the intention to keep it. Well, this may be good for him, considering the laws and customs in traditional Dubai where no one will tolerate his misbehaving. Bieber is said to be staying at the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel, but we think that the Atlantis may be more suitable.

Of course, Justin Bieber is one of the people that always grab the attention for what they have done. But even without doing anything, papers often would make up a story and make it a headline. It will soon be clear if that’s the case with another story that raged many people in Dubai and in the rest of the world. According to the so-called source, Bieber has hired a whole waterpark just for himself. Actually, the talk is about two water parks – the Aquaventure at Atlantis, The Palm and Jumeirah’s Wild Wadi where the singer will be able to enjoy entertaining himself without being bothered by “hordes of girls”. Besides the two water parks, rumors say he has booked a whole golf course where he will relax without much attention.

While being in Dubai, Justin Bieber is believed to appear at the Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon’s new SPiN Ping-Pong nightclub, set for launch on May 1. He will also attend the special dance school workshop at Diverse Studios at 1.00 pm on May 4. His fans over the age of 14 will be able to learn how to move just like him with the help of his choreographer and dancers who will take classes at Diverse Studios.



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