E-Books for Kids: A great way to make them read




Some parents believe that technology will make reading books an obsolete and boring task for children. Experts warn us that today’s children read and know less than kids of previous generations. But this is not entirely true – electronic books are more popular than ever. And maybe this is the answer – get your kids to read be introducing them to the best e-books.

Contrary to most beliefs, our children now are reading more than ever. The Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report says that the percentage of children age 9-17 are willing to read more books for fun if they had easier access to electronic books. Compared to the numbers from 2010, for example, this is a 50 percent increase. The report also states that while in 2010, only 25 percent of the kids had read e-books, now this number has nearly doubled, reaching 46 percent of them. Another interesting finding shows that e-books won’t replace print books anytime soon. 58 percent of all children said they would always like books printed on paper, despite of the available e-books.

So, what does this all mean? Can we still make enthusiastic readers out of our children? And should we worry about the fast expansion of technologies into their lives? There are several effective tactics to get kids to read more.


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