Best Selling Toys and Most Popular Games of 2018, So Far


This year the list of best selling toys and most popular games will definitely surprise you. One would have expected to find on it complicated robotic inventions and sophisticated dolls with motion sensors with price tags from $100 onwards, but it seems sanity has taken over kids’ preferences and parents’ willingness to spend for gizmos and gadgets.

Instead, people have broadly become practical and somewhat modest. The law of simplicity rules choice making! Hence, the best selling toys and the most popular games of 2018 are pretty simple and remarkably affordable.

Number one bestseller on Amazon is the pack of Confetti Pop-Series 3 Collectible Dolls. Priced at $12.88, the little cuties are perfect for little girls. But parents, don’s give more than one per week and make your budding fashionistas earn them.

Second on the list, but first bestselling game is Mattel Games UNO Card Game. We are not sure if this is because the set is discounted by fifty percent right now, or because the game encourages spending time with friends. In both cases, this is a very good quality card game set and kids will have a lot of fun while playing with it.

Summer means playing with water and swimming pools are in high demand. But if you have a portable one that can easily be pumped up in your garden or on the beach, its a bliss! Look no further than the Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool which is by now a favorite choice of many kids and their parents. It is soft on touch, and its shape and color is very pleasing to the eye while the price is only $22.84.

Grown up kids enjoy water activities as much as young ones. Hence, amongst the best selling toys this summer is also Intex Sit N Float Inflatable Lounge. Priced at $10.99 only, this floating couch could be quite comfy even for adults who want to enjoy the pool. It is portable and foldable, and comes in cheerful summer colors. The only flaw is that it is not very durable and you can use it just a few times.

Cards Against Humanity is a number one bestseller for a few years and seasons in a row by now. This is because it is designed to engage rather older kids. The card set is amongst the most popular games for so long that you can find yourself happily playing game with your mom and dad, and their parents at once. The minimum age requirement is seventeen and there should be four players to ply at the time. Due to growing popularity, Cards Against Humanity price has risen to $25 through the time.

Amongst the best selling toys and most popular games this year so far are also the following:


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