Most Attractive People Come from The Most Obese Nations


Nations with most attractive women:

  • Armenian
  • Barbadian/Bajan
  • American
  • Colombian
  • English
  • Australian
  • Brazilian
  • Filipina
  • Bulgarian
  • Lebanese

Even more staggering are similarities between the lists of most attractive and most overweight men. Half of the nationalities with most handsome males are in the top 20 of countries with highest number of overweight and obese men as well. That includes Irish gentlemen, who top the list. Together with Australian (2), American (4), English (3), Scottish (6) and Spanish men (10), Irish males are over the 60% barrier when it comes to extra weight and obesity.

The exceptions on the ranking of nations with most attractive men are again two. The percentage of overweight and obese gentlemen over 20 in Pakistan (2) and Nigerian (8) is estimated at 27.9% and 23.7%, respectively.

Nations with most attractive men:

  • Irish
  • AustralianKeeping-up-with-the-Kardashians
  • Pakistani
  • American
  • English
  • Scottish
  • Italian
  • Nigerian
  • Danish
  • Spanish

So does that mean that perceptions of beauty have changed? Not really, since most of the studies that rank nations by their attractiveness are directly connected with the public’s opinion on celebrities originating from these countries or beauty contests.


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