Muk Luks Boots: Fun and Comfy


There are various styles of shoes and if you still haven’t tried warm and ultra soft ones, we have an idea for you – start with Muk Luks boots. They are trendy, fun, but most of all, they will keep your feet warm and dry during the cold winter.

The brand Muk Luks isn’t new – it’s been here since 1972, when it was established as a brand for knit slipper socks. Today Muks Luks are some of the cutest knit (mostly) boots, slippers and slipper booties, and shoes. The brand’s collections also include socks, scarves, hats, mittens, and even handbags. This interesting names comes from the traditional, original mukluks – soft boots, worn by ancient tribes in Canada and Alaska, Arctic aboriginal people in Greenland, as well as the people of the Hindu Kush mountains. These boots were made of reindeer skin, sealskin, wool and felt. Today, Muk Luks have preserved the traditional look and have blended it with contemporary trends and materials to get some of the best-looking soft boots ever made.

And don’t take them for UGG clones – unlike them, Muk Luks aren’t made of sheepskin, they mostly focus on the knit styles. You will find it hard to buy them from any store. They are more exclusive and rare, despite the relatively low prices. However, they are available online, not only on the company’s official online store, but also on Amazon, so you can find deals, and enjoy free delivery on your orders. The Original Muk Luks Store on the website sells men’s, women’s and girl’s fashion – shoes, clothing and accessories. Their knitwear has turned into a great holiday tradition, so now is the best time for getting them.

Along with wide range of slippers, hats and mittens, you can find warm and comfortable shoes. For instance, the Nikki Belt Wrapped Boot is one of their best-selling boot styles and is absolutely gorgeous! They feature an outer fabric cuff and a lace buckled belt, which are removable for more options. The water-resistant boots are made of faux suede and come in two colours – grey and medium beige/brown.

And if you shop your Muk Luks boots from Amazon within a week, you can get advantage of the current Black Friday Deals Week. It offers up to 65% off women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion and one of the featured brands is Muk Luks. Several models are discounted, so you can save big during the sales event.


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