Best-Selling UGG Boots for Kids


Retailers offer many choices when it comes to kids’ footwear, but every parent would agree that UGG boots for kids offer everything a pair of shoes should be – comfortable, warm, long-lasting, and cool. The trendy brand offers a rich variety of boots for the little ones, but we’ve picked the five best-selling models to give you clues before you start shopping.

UGG Australia is one of the most popular shoe brands right now, but instead of original merchandise, many stores sell either one of their many “clones” or even fakes. But these fakes often last no more than two or three weeks – it’s kids after all, we know how careful they are, so it’s essential to find authentic items. Then, we need to make sure they are really trendy, cool and well-made. The easiest way to do that is simply looking what other parents are buying and checking product reviews online. So, what do kids love the most? What are parents buying right now?

The answer is pretty simple – UGG Australia Kids and Toddlers Bailey Bow Boots are the best-selling Uggs for girls right now. They are made of soft and warm sheepskin and have durable construction. While they will keep your girl’s feet cozy and dry during the day, the double ribbon in the back makes them very stylish and cute. The pair is available in sizes fitting all ages – from toddlers to even adults (with small feet, of course) and nearly 20 different colours to match every outfit. The original price of the pair is $150, but on Amazon you can find it for $89.99 (select sizes and colours). However, the online retailer offers more sizes for about $120., which is one of the most popular outlets on the web, offers the model at prices starting from $90.

Another top seller is UGG Australia Infants’ and Kids’ Bailey Button Shearling Boots – these are extremely cute and can be found on Amazon for $89.95-$170. This is one of the classic UGG models and every girl will love them, especially in adorable pink, light blue or natural chestnut colour. UGG Australia’s official online store now sells the newest Bailey Button model, the cuffable and ultra-soft Kids’ Bailey Letter Charms, available in chestnut and black colour. But they will cost you $235.

If you are looking for nice boys’ boots, one of the best options is Ugg Kids’ Classic Short Boot. Although the kids’ models are basically unisex, this pair has a little bit simpler silhouette, so it’s really perfect for the boys. And it comes in black, blues and greens, as well as the classic chestnut tone, so it’s ideal. Its price on Amazon start from $74.95 and this is one of the few places you can find it, as this is an older model. The tall version, Uggs’s Classic Tall Boot is also very popular – it has the classic design, that we all know very well, but it’s made for even better protection from the cold and snow.

And one of the cutest UGG Australia boots for the little ones is UGG Australia Kids Richelle Boot, which we recommend for toddlers and preschoolers. They are fully lined on the outside with plush fleece, which makes them unique, stylish and fun. And their white colour makes them even better (you can find them in black, as well, but the effect isn’t really the same). They are discounted right now on and sell for only $52.

If you are shopping for a birthday present or a gift for the upcoming holidays, you should check UGG Australia’s official online store. It sells all the latest collections – classic styles, as well as fancier models for the young ladies and gentlemen, who are hard to please.


  1. I love to pull these on when I need to run out – they are comfortable and stylish. I’m really happy with the boots though the salt from the winter sidewalks does create a little splotchiness in the toe area.


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