Worst Christmas Gifts To Give This Year


There’s only a week or so until Christmas and like always, everyone is suffering from gift anxiety. While you’ll find hundreds of articles about choosing the right gift for every single member of your family, for your friends and colleagues, there’s hardly a word on what people hate receiving. In fact, some Christmas gifts commonly given on Christmas are actually surprisingly annoying, yet gift givers don’t even suspect that. In this article, we will show you the worst Christmas gifts you can give and receive this year.

People like to say that it’s not the item, but the thought that counts when it comes to presents. But there are some gifts that can actually make the receiver feel bad, even if the intentions were good. In case you don’t want to be the rude and insensitive guy this holiday, check our list of the worst gifts and don’t even think of buying them.

Perfumes, aftershaves & toiletries

Giving one of those is just a gentler way to say “You smell badly”. Besides, how can you know whether the person will find the scent pleasant? It’s too risky to even try, unless you are certain of the name of your friend’s favourite perfume.

Christmas items

We can put in this category all kinds of Christmas decoration, plus candles, holiday-themed tablecloth and knick-knacks, and most of all, holiday-themed sweater. It may seem suitable to give someone Christmas decoration, but the truth is that by Christmas day, people have already bought any Christmas tree ornaments, wreaths, and other stuff they wanted. The other truth that nobody will tell you straight to your face is that they hate the Christmas sweater you gave them simply because it’s ugly!

Promotional items

Don’t be Scrooge! It’s cheap and rude to give someone that last year promotional CD with a sticker that says “Not For Sale” or “Promotional Use Only” on it. It’s understandable to try to get rid of it and save some money, but the Christmas gift must show that you’ve put some thought when buying it.

Diet cookbook & gym membership

If your friend needs to lose weight, they are most likely to be well aware of it. And sticking their problem in their face is heartless. A bathroom scale or a gift certificate to a wax is as much inappropriate.

Cookware sets, vacuum cleaners, cleaning products

Every woman hates receiving such items because they are designed to remind her that house chores are women’s work! Is there anything more insulting than this?

When choosing a Christmas gift, stick to the rule – if you don’t want to receive it, don’t give it. And of course, always think of what the person this gift is intended for likes. It’s that simple!


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