Top Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2014


If we have to sum up the 2013 interior decoration tendencies, we could easily say that this year the love for vintage was stronger than ever. Old pieces were a huge hit, while modern and contemporary design enjoyed less attention. It was the year, in which nature stepped into the interiors of our homes. Natural materials like wood and stone, as well as earthly colours and floral designs were seen in nearly every room.


However, do not expect to see the same interior design trends in 2014. The New Year will bring some freshness into interior design and it will stand out with a few tendencies of its own. Here are the main ones of them!


The colour of 2013 was emerald green and it was part of the nature theme. In 2014, things will become bolder and more cheerful. That is because the leading colour over the next one year will be yellow. It will easily energize every bit and piece of your home. Nevertheless, our advice is too stick to shades which are neither too light, nor too strong. Another thing you should know about this yellow is that combines really well with colours like taupe, grey and sand.

Other popular colours in 2014 will be teal blue, red and khaki. Teal blue can be mixed with nearly every colour and shade you can think of. Red, on the other hand, is a bit more demanding. This year, darker red will be more appreciated. This means that you should combine it with lighter colour like butterscotch and medium blue. Khaki will make a great dominant colour in 2014. Nevertheless, you should always try to mix it with brighter hues.


Patterns were often used in 2013 interiors. The majority of them focused on bird and floral prints. In 2014, prints will find an even wider application. The hottest trend among them will be again vintage. Despite that, floral patterns will still be seen every now and then.


From nature we will move on to ethnic. This means that fabrics will often be colourful. In addition, often they will be hanged on the wall. The main inspiration of this trend will be countries like Mexico, Spain and Africa. Ethnic palettes will also be quite popular. Simply said, pastel shades will often be added to the general colour theme.


Other big interior design trends include focus on extra space, sensory elements, and handmade pieces. Interiors will be more spacious, which means that you need to get rid of all the clutter. Fabrics will be extremely sensory stimulating and they will be very nice to look and touch. As a result, you can expect to see plenty of soft and silky curtain and rugs. As for the handmade pieces, they will continue to find a key place in modern interiors.

If you are planning to refresh your home interior or to make a few décor improvements in 2014, make sure you keep those trends in mind.



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