Hottest Christmas Themes in Interior Design


Seasonal interior design trends are often influenced by a particular holiday. The best example for that are always the winter tendencies in interior decoration. Usually, they are heavily influenced by Christmas. The colors are often related to the holiday, as well as the decorations and style used in the interior. Winter 2013-2014 makes no exception. Home décor trends will incorporate various Christmas themes in nearly every room.

Those of you, who plan to refresh their home’s interior, can start with one of the Christmas themes we will highlight. They were a big hit at the last Christmas world show, which is the best Christmas trend predictor.

Fantasy Forest

This is the most romantic style of the four which we will examine. That is because it is inspired by fairytales. The most popular Christmas colors, red and green, will actually fit perfectly with it. However, this theme also includes many light shades. They can easily add elegance, delicacy and discreetness to your home décor. Natural materials, porcelain and glass can be easily incorporated into the concept of Fantasy Forest.


Gracious Cost

This is another soft, delicate and even feminine interior design theme trend. It relies mainly only on pastel colors and it combines them with black. This creates a great and stylish contrast. In addition, here you can add different decorations which have a more fluid, simple and clean shape and structure. They would quickly give the place a 1950s charm. The fabrics and the textiles used in this theme are very delicate, not only in the way they feel and look, but also in the way they were created.

Precious Jungle

Tired of delicate and soft details? Well, maybe you should try the Precious Jungle interior design theme. It will be more than popular around the holiday season. It is based on elegant and expensive decorations and home décor solutions. This is the most opulent theme of the four. The decorations will include plenty of ornamentation. The designs will be intricate and pricey. The dominating colors will be green and blue. Prepare for a jungle of opulence!

Glowing Desert

This theme will be based on contrast. It will bring opposites together. It will mix warm and natural shades (sand and ochre) with intense coral and purple tones. You can add a metallic color if you want to make things even more inspiring. Decorate with some typically desert-related items, including thistles, dried wood and bleached stone.

Before flooding your home with Christmas decorations, you can quickly refresh its interior by following one of these home décor trends. You don’t have to redo your house entirely. Just bring in some element of your favorite theme, like colors or fabrics.


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