Home Decor Color Trends Fall/Winter 2013


During the autumn and the winter, days become darker and nights longer. Home decor color trends for these two seasons also follow a similar pattern. However, their purpose is not to depress, but to actually make us feel warm and comfy. In addition, some can even energize and enliven us. Let’s take a quick look at the most popular home decor color trends this fall and winter which you can add to your home.


This is a deeper variation of brown. It is perfect for these two seasons. Just imagine yourself sitting on sofa, wrapped in a soft blanket and sipping on your cup of hot chocolate. Well, this color will quickly remind you of this peaceful moment whenever you look at it.



This is probably the most traditional Fall/Winter colour. Nevertheless, it can look a bit too boring on its own. Therefore, our advice is to mix it with some beige and white to open up the space.


Nature-Inspired Colours

These are all the deep earthly colors of which you can think of. However, the most popular of them during these two seasons will be chestnut. What is characteristic of this color is that it can easily establish a soft rustic, yet sophisticated atmosphere in your home. Try it out to see it in action!

Chesnut Interior

Striking Blue

This color will offer you an airy and relaxed feeling. Also, it is like a gulp of fresh air among the dark tones of autumn and winter. However, avoid making things too blue. Mix this colour with its opposites, like red, yellow or orange hues.

blue interior


Of course, let’s not forget about the color of 2013 – emerald. Green will be generally a hit in interior design during the second half of the year. However, emerald will be the most widely-used variation. It is hard to explain the effect of this color on interiors. It is warm and bright, relaxing and exciting, elegant and laid-back… It is everything mixed into one.


Extra Energy

If you do not want to give in to the winter’s blues, than you should try incorporating colors like acai or vivacious in your home. You can use them in accessories like cushions, curtains or blankets. It would be too bold if you use them as your house’s basic colors. Both of them are bright and very energizing and you will be able to feel their effect even in small quantities. Acid is great for the bedroom, because it will offer you a sense of comfort and luxury. Vivacious, on the other hand, is a variation of pink. As a result, it is very playful and thrilling. It will easily allow you set your imagination free even in the darkest winter night.

It is best if you try to combine these colors. In that way, you will balance the atmosphere in your home. Mix the dark hues with the bright ones and your autumn and winter will feel warmer, calmer and less longer.


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