2013 Fall Trends in Interior Design


The 2013 fall trends in interior design trends are more than interesting and inspiring, because they seem to be stuck somewhere between the hot and wild summer and the cold and melancholic winter. The result is a strange mixture of colours, materials and moods. Therefore, you may not be able to try out all of the hottest fall trends in interior design trends in your home. However, you can at least experiment with some of them!

Raw Materials

As always, the fall trends in interior design show an appreciation to nature. Unsurprisingly, there will be a heavy use of raw materials like stones and wood, for instance. The more natural and rough they look, the better. Around Halloween, you can add wood stumps and branches around your home or outside of it. Natural crystals, geodes and gems will be also among the most popular decoration pieces this fall.

Jumeirah Port de Soller

Animal Print

Leopard print, in particular, will be the biggest hit when it comes to prints in autumn 2013. However, avoid using more than one or two printed elements and details in a room. After all, you are decorating a house, not a jungle.


The brass trend in interior design seen in the previous two seasons is here to stay. Both antique and polished brass will be a good choice this fall. Nevertheless, keep in mind that they have a different effect on the décor of the room. Antique brass goes well with more stylish, elegant and darker designs. Polished brass, on the other hand, is perfect for rooms which include more vibrant and bright colours.

Brass in interior

Quilted Furniture

This is probably the only new trend for this fall. Well, almost since designers borrowed it from the 1970s. It will be seen mainly on sofas and chairs. You can use these colouful pieces of furniture as your autumn inspiration and creativity booster.

quilted furniture


Those of you, who want to add a standout element to their interior, can try with gold. However, they should better limit it only to furniture finishes, for example. Otherwise, the result may be too extravagant or lavish. A few hints of gold will be more enough.

Gold in interior

Colour Clash

The colours of fall 2013 will be either very elegant and sophisticated or too bold and bright. There will be many classy colours and colour combinations which will mainly include Cassis, Hunter Green, Possum, Marine Blue, Storm and Stop Red. However, there will be some vibrant tones like Permission, Canary and Dandy. Our advice is to avoid mixing the two groups. If you want to play safe, rely on monochrome colours. There is nothing more classic than a black-and-white colour mix.

Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

As you can see, most of the fall trends in interior design this year have little in common. Some of them even clash. Therefore, do not try to combine them. You do not have to include all of these trends in your home. Just pick one or two and use them as best as you can.


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