Dubai’s Fashion Forward Gets a Second Season


DSS09_tradeCenter-DFF-SI FASHION GALERIE_0017Dubai’s biannual fashion show, Fashion Forward, will return with a second season. That will happen this fall. The event is said to include more programs and designers than its first edition.

The second season of Dubai’s Fashion Forward was recently confirmed by the show’s organizers. The event will cover four days. It will be held between October 15 and 18 and it will coincide with the Eid Al Adha celebrations.

Like in the first season, the upcoming shows will include impressive collections of both ready-to-wear and couture pieces. In addition, the event will cover both women’s and men’s fashion.

Fashion Forward has already started accepting registration applications from designers. Those who wish to participate can do that at the show’s website – However, they should bear in mind that the organizers have a long list of requirements for fashion talents. For instance, designers need to originate from the Middle East or to, at least, have a business that is based in the region. Also, their collections for the show must consist of at least 20 pieces each.

The fall edition of Dubai’s Fashion Forward will be attended by professionals from the international fashion industry. In addition, there will be many important figures from sectors like public relations, e-commerce and trend forecasting. However, no specific names were announced to the present moment. This means that there may be an element of surprise.

Apart from professionals and experts, the event will encourage and welcome buyers and stylists to also visit the runway shows and the other events includes in the program.

The first edition of Fashion Forward in Dubai took place back in April. According to the media and fashion professionals, it enjoyed a huge success. The number of attendees at the show surpassed 12,000 people.

It is expected that the second season of Dubai’s Fashion Forward will receive even more attention by the regional and global fashion fields. Fashion Forward is considered as one very important event. That is because it plays a big role in developing fashion talents from the Middle East.


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