Clever Tricks for Luxurious Home on a Budget


Can we use the words luxury and inexpensive in the same sentence? An elegant, luxurious home can fit within your budget if you possess a little bit of richness in mind and imagination. You can also draw inspiration from our list of inexpensive and clever tricks for turning your home into a jewelry without spending a fortune.

You can make your home more comfortable and elegant by simply adding affordable touches here and there. Grace your living room, bath or bedroom with these simple ideas.

Fabric Accent Wall

Any ordinary room will turn into a luxurious home ingredient and attention grabber with a fabric accented wall instead of regular wallpaper. Bedrooms and living rooms are very suitable for covering with fabric. It’s quick and creative way to decorate the walls – you can use household glue, pins and staples, and of course, beautiful fabrics.


Crystal Chandelier or Magnetic Crystals

Crystal chandeliers bring aristocratic atmosphere but unfortunately, are also too expensive unless you go shopping at Dubai’s Dragon Mart. You can create an affordable version by buying magnetic crystals and attach them to your existing lights. They are available in various shapes and colours and would be a great purchase, because they can be attached to wall scones, tables, floor lamps and many others.


Subtle Light

Put under-cabinet lighting under shelves, cabinets, or any other surface to create ambience and strangely beautiful illumination. There are various types – fluorescent, LED, or incandescent, which can be used for many purposes.


Candles are cheap, elegant and available in numerous shapes, styles and colours which make them perfect addition to a luxurious home. You can use scented candles on holidays and special occasions and will have cozy environment, simplicity without any effort.


Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen will be fresh and elegant by adding new backsplash. You can try a coat of washable paint or colourful wall tiles. But the easiest and more luxurious way may be the use of metal wall panels. You will have a flawless, reflective surface which will make the kitchen look bigger. They are also affordable, easy to install and really unique.

There are many ways to renew your home and make it rich and luxurious – plush bedding, suede or faux leather slipcovers on the furniture, ceiling medallions, decorative molding for the chairs and many others. It’s only up to your budget, taste and creativeness.


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