China will build tower taller than Burj Khalifa in 7 months



One of Dubai biggest (or shall we say tallest) treasures and prides, Burj Khalifa, may soon lose its title ‘World’s Tallest Building.’ Moreover, this may happen as soon as this year. Chinese architects plan to construct a building taller even than Burj Khalifa’s 828 meters.

The name of this ambitious project is “Sky City.” It will be located in China’s Changsha and it will be really impressive in size. However, if constructed, the building will break Burj Khalifa’s record with only 8 to 10 meters, which means that its height will be equal to 838 meters or 2,750 feet.

The structure will have a capacity of 31,000 people and it will have 220 floors. Also, the project will consists of recreational facilities, schools and many more. Nevertheless, about 83% of Sky City will be dedicated only to residential use.

Behind the project is BSC which promises that the building will be ready by the end of 2013, despite the fact that its construction is just starting. But how can someone make such a tall facility over a period of barely half a year? BSC claims that this will be possible thanks to a special construction process. In it, the different parts and components of the building are prefabricated in factories before the official start of the building process. This mass production will take about four months to complete and a workforce of 19,000 people. After that, the on-site work is said to take another three months.

In addition, Sky City will be very safe. The structure of the building will be capable of resisting earthquakes with magnitude of up to 9.0. More than 10 meetings of state assembles expert group reviews are guarantying the quality of the construction.

The creation of this tall building has to do with the world’s increasing population. Massive constructions like Sky City can reduce the use of land per capita. Also, thanks to the special process of building, the structure will be five times more energy efficient than the average.

In comparison to the cost $1.5 billion of Burj Khalifa, the construction of Sky City will consume only $625 million, because of the prefabrication of the building.


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