Japan Pays Homage to Arabic Themes & Culture with Expo 2020 Pavilion


The Japan External Trade Organisation (Jetro) has projected a detailed and dynamic space with reverence to Arabic design and culture through the unveiling of Japan’s pavilion concept and design for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Positioning the pavilion as The Crosspoint for the Future, Japan welcomes Expo 2020 visitors and patrons into a rich architectural and innovation-driven heritage that the unique design offers. Symbolizing the connection of the Middle East and Japan’s history, the stand’s geometry and design showcases a façade embracing Arabesque and Japanese Asanoha patterns with notions reflecting the ancient trade network of the Silk Road. The pavilion signifies the great respect Japan has for other cultures, especially when being hosted as in the case of the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Mr. Nakamura, the Commissioner General of the Japanese Section, Expo 2020 Dubai, said at the launch event: “We are delighted with the concept and design of the Japanese pavilion and are certain it will add value to the prestige and legacy that global Expos represent. By encouraging and inspiring the next generation to take initiative in the development of future solutions, the Japan pavilion will exist as a centripetal force to connect and communicate the vision of our potential in leading a future society based on the spirit, techniques, culture and elements unique to Japan.”

The immersive high-tech pavilion will also embody a modernized presentation of water, wind, shadow and light composed with Japanese environmental aesthetics to give visitors an experience of the world we envision and the resolutions that can be achieved with harmony between people, ideas and technology.

Tetsuya Azuma, Vice Commissioner General of Japanese Section, Expo2020, said: “As the first International Registered Exhibition to be held in the Middle East & Africa region, Expo 2020 Dubai represents enormous opportunity for global exhibitors, like Japan, to showcase our social, cultural and economic initiatives to the global community. Through the unveiling of Japan’s Expo 2020 stand, we will be able to leverage the pavilion’s unique presence as a launchpad to develop and promote future relations and inbound tourism.”

Under the concept of Join, visitors of numerous nationalities, ages, preferences and tastes will experience Japanese hospitality first-hand and gather under one roof to unite in the spirit of Omotenashi. Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to Sync and experience Japanese traditions, culture, and art through a sensory journey powered by the latest Japanese technologies. Lastly, the pavilion encourages visitors to Act by finding possibilities of co-creation to face future global challenges.

The pavilion will host an array of events throughout the duration of Expo 2020 Dubai, including workshop experiences, Japanese culinary art and cuisine, and diverse presentations and showcases. For more information visit: https://www.jetro.go.jp/uae/


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