Wood in Interior Design – What You Need to Know


Wood plays an important role in interior design. Every type of wood material has specific characteristics that serve different purposes when it comes home décor. In addition, you can use wood to establish a particular mood or atmosphere in the room. However, in order to do that, you need to have some extra knowledge on both wood materials and interior design. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most popular types of wood and their qualities.

Walnut Wood

Walnut trees are very diverse in colour. This is because they can be found in many different countries. That means that you have a lot of colour options here. Also, unlike other wood materials, walnut is less affected by meteorological conditions. As a result, it does not shrink or expand. In other words, this type of wood is perfect for bathroom or kitchen.

Oak Wood

This is one of the most durable trees. It will survive anything from glasses filled with ice to steaming pots. Even wine cannot harm this tough guy. In fact, oak and wine are closely related. This wood is put into barrels to help wine age. In addition, the first bottle corks were partly made of this material. Some of the best things for which you can use oak wood include furniture pieces like chairs and tables.

Maple Wood

Although maple wood is often underrated, it can fit your home’s interior really nicely. Maple has an evident and stark grain which can be used to create beautiful furniture and floors.

Alder Wood

This type of wood is rather soft and really elastic. That makes it ideal for cabinetry. Due to its affordable price and installation flexibility, alder is one of the most preferred materials in interior design.

Poplar Wood

Poplar is not as popular as alder. Despite that there is a certain charm about it. In addition, the fact that it can be used in various aspects of home décor just makes it more appealing to people who search for uniqueness.

Teak Wood

If you want to turn your home into a tropical haven, then teak will definitely help. This wood combines the colours of yellow, green and brown. That interesting mix makes teak wood a good choice for window frames, doors, as well as indoor and outdoor pieces of furniture. However, be prepared that with the years it will change its colours and turn silvery greyish.

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood keeps insects like moths away since it blocks all smells which attract them. That is why it is commonly used in chests and closets. Similar to walnut trees, cedars also grow all over the world and come in various tones, including reddish brown and red.

Purpleheart Wood

This type of tree grows mainly in South Africa. Currently, purpleheart enjoys a high global demand due to its texture which it straight grain patterned and very shiny. Also, it has a characteristic red colour with intensity that gets deeper and deeper with time. Although purpleheart wood is quite bendable and flexible, it is also surprisingly durable. If you have problems with termites or fungus, add this wood to your home décor.

Lyptus Wood

Lyptus wood is made of two species of Eucalyptus trees and that gives it an exotic feeling. This material comes in the natural colour of salmon which can become darker if exposed to sun. It is commonly used in floors, as well as frames, doors and cabinetry.

Padauk Wood

Padauk is made of Pterocaptus tree species which can be found in Africa and Asia. They are very heavy and their structure is really dense. As a result, padauk wood is even more durable and resistant than oak. This type of wood material is used a lot in furniture carvings and musical instruments.

Now, after you have learned the basics on wood material and interior design, you can decide which type of wood would match your home and meet your needs.


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