How to Train Yourself to Like Healthy Food


Dietitians always tell us to eat healthy food but who actually eats steamed fish and vegetables every day? Most of the people still prefer French fries and cake. However, psychologists believe there are tricks to train ourselves to like healthy food.

Everyone who has tried healthy, weight loss diets knows that sooner or later you get tired of all these tasteless meals, longing for a little bit of junk food. Willpower can make you stick to your diet plan, but as it has been proved many times, that you will eventually start eating what you want and regain weight. The really successful way to lose weight in the long term is to learn to like healthy food more than junk and maintain a healthy lifestyle while eating what you like. Many will say this is impossible, but according to modern psychology and science, it can be achieved by some pretty clever tricks.

First, you can try to realize and learn about new flavors. When you first tasted Cola, you probably liked it because it was sweet, and with every new can of the drink, you discovered new tastes which you also liked. Try sweetening some food that you don’t particularly like and after some time, you will notice you like it. Then just try the same food, but without the sweetener. Scientists also found that the more you eat something, the more you like it. Although studies have been conducted only to children so far, psychologists say adults can also achieve it.

You can lower your sensitiveness to tastes by very gradually reducing, let’s say, the salt you consume every day. In fact, you can train yourself to eat without any salt for a period of several months, and you won’t be even able to tell the difference. But to achieve a permanent transformation, you need to reduce the levels little by little. On the other hand, you can learn completely new flavors and tastes by comparing and trying to distinguish the different nuances of similar foods, for example spinach and kale. Soon, you will find yourself really liking one of them for some, individually your own, reason.

Once you have reached the level where you tolerate some kind of food, you just need to find the right recipe to make you loving it. In fact, the easiest of these tricks is to learn how to eat less sugar, salt and fat, which is a very important step to healthier lifestyle. Avoiding them, you can actually lose weight even if you eat chocolate, cake or fried chicken.


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