Introducing Versace Home Collection to Middle Eastern Markets


Palazzo Versace Dubai Table Settings Versace Home is a furniture and interior decoration items collection line following the traditions and style of the Italian fashion house Versace, which was established by the gifted designer Gianni Versace in 1978. Versace Home presents to all connoisseurs ultra luxurious furnishing that can be used in private residences or to accommodate luxury hotels and other types of exquisite high-end property. The collection line offers full assortment of interior decoration items such as bedding, crockery and upholstered furniture designed to invite splendor in every home. The Versace Home collection is developed for people with a sharp eye for detail and exquisite taste. Versace Home can be best descibed as two parallel and distinctly contrasting expressions of classic and modern at the same time.

The fashion house interior line became popular with the opening of the five star hotel Palazzo Versace in Australia. Celebrities from all around the world like to stay there, including Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson, Natalie Imbruglia, Paris Hilton and more. Even rock bands such as the veterans The Rolling Stones and the Irish celebrities U2 also show unhidden sympathy for the brand.

The hotel opened its doors in September 2000. Palazzo Versace is located in Queensland and features 200 hotel rooms and suites and 72 nearby condominiums, three restaurants and a private marina.

Palazzo VersaceThe interiors of Palazzo Versace Australia are specially designed by Donatella Versace. In a unique waterfront backdrop, every form of architecture, ambiance, furnishings and ornamentation reflects a level of galore once confined to the largest hotels in Europe. Richly decorated spaces acquaint the transcendence of Italian Versace design. Singular touches include peerless marbles and mosaics, vaulted ceilings hand detailed in gold, an antique chandelier that once could only be seen in the grand State Library of Milan. The interiors decoration may be compared to the colorful look of the Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai.

Palazzo Versace Dubai - February 2012At present, the luxurious brand is expanding in the Middle East. The only hotel under development will have the same unique design as Palazzo Versace Australia, which is a trademark of Versace Home, while the few other properties associated with the brand will be furnished in line with the latest collections. So far, the Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel faces challenges related to funding and buyers’ interest, wich delayed the whole project with nearly five years till now. Lack of liquidity is said to be an additional obstacle for the developer. Though, the real estate rebound during 2012 quickened the construction process, at present seems not possible for Palazzo Versace Dubai to open for business in the coming two years. The five star hotel and residential units require a lot of work that takes time and funding.

However, Middle Eastern fans of Versace Home collection are already presented with the opportunity to purchase Versace-branded merchandise. Since nearly two years, DAMAC Interiors, a retail store at the Dubai Mall, showcases the latest of Versace Home collection and actually takes orders and delivers complete residential interior solutions. The interior decoration store is part of DAMAC. The company is one of the largest private property developers in UAE, with a serious record of high quality completion of luxurious real estate developments. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to industry insiders that DAMAC is venturing in fashion branded residences and hospitality projects. The company’s partnerships with Versace Home for the development of high-end serviced apartments in Dubai, Beirut and Jeddah is aimed at setting a new standard for high-end property in the Middle East. The DAMAC projects associated with Versace Home’s timeless pieces include Burjside Boulevard in Dubai, Al Jawharah in Jeddah and DAMAC tower in Beirut.

Versace Home Collection 2012 - 1The conjunction of opposites is the winning formula for the Versace Home collection, whose main sources of inspiration – baroque, neoclassic and ultra-modern create an everlasting flow of unexpected harmonies.

Versace Home latest collection main colors are gold, black and red. Many of the items are actually available for online purchase at the company’s official website:

This interior line proposes a large variety of sophisticated ideas and inspirations for a contemporary home, satisfying all desires and tastes at a price. Golden lacquers, warm wood tones, soft lines and clean graphic shapes blended with baroque forms, gold, silver and sensual silk and velvet are the soul of a unique collection. The spirit of Versace Home is instilled in a series of powerful ideas, whose charm combines the appeal of precious materials with an unstoppable passion for bold colors and luxurious dreams.

The Italian fashion house home collection is expected to become a commercial success similar to other fashion-branded properties in the Middle East, or at least this is what the local property developers envision. However, such a long term goal requires at least a decade to be achieve it. At present, all residential and commercial projects associated with the Versace name are under construction and the completion dates are not yet reaffirmed by the developers.

Versace Home Collection 2012 - 2As a matter of fact, the Versace Home concept was first introduced to the Middle East about 14 years ago in Abu Dhabi. A fully furnished with Versace-branded furniture and crockery coffee shop was supposed to serve as a showcase of the Italian style for prospective buyers. However, at the time the concept was not successful and the Versace style furnished cafe functioned for less than a year. It is not clear if the extremly high prices of the items in the Versace Home collection or their imposant style are to blame for the failure.


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