Hotels light up with Christmas Decorations


Christmas is one of the most joyous and warm holidays of the year. People decorate their homes and workplaces to spread the Christmas spirit and light up their winter days. Many schools and stores run competitions for the best Christmas decorations. Hotels too  get in the Christmas mood by changing or adding a few Christmas items to their interior. Luxury hotels spend lavisgly on Christmas decorations.

In this article we will share few tips on how to decorate hotels in style.


The key to a stylish look is simplicity. If a hotel already has a great interior, like big chandeliers or artistic paintings on the walls, don’t spoil things by adding figures of reindeers or hanging socks all over the place. Instead keep things simple. Also, when you decorate, remember to follow the interior design theme and palette of the hotel. In addition, limit Christmas decorations to the lobby, corridors, restaurants or shops in the hotel – the public areas. Don’t decorate the guests’ rooms or, at least, do it discreetly. For example, you can place mistletoe somewhere on the ceiling or a pair of Chrsitmas bells on one of the doors.

Lights, Tree, Action!

The three basic ingredients in every successful Christmas décor are the lights, the Christmas tree and garlands or wreaths. Let’s start with the Christmas tree. Try to find a big and impressive tree for the lobby or the entrance of the hotel. Place it in the middle of the lobby and cover it with flashy lights. Keep the rest of the decorations in the lobby simple. You already have one big tree there, you don’t need other giant things. You can also get additional smaller Chrstmas trees for some of the corridors on the other floors. Don’t forget to put them next to the windows. In that way you would spread the holiday spirit outside the hotel!

Wreaths and garlands, especially those who are made of some natural materials like leaves or cones, are always a good reminder of the summer that lies ahead. Hang them on doors or the reception desk. You can also combine them with some lights and place them on the railings.


When it comes to any kind of additional decoration in hotels for holidays or other occasions, use simple colour schemes. Combine 2 to four different colours, but not more. You don’t want your guests to confuse your hotel with a circus, right? When you apply a small number of colours in your décor, you would create a more stylish look. Good colour schemes are, for example, green-red-yellow, red-white or blue-white-red-green. Dark colours are not suitable for Christmas. Instead of dark colour, you can use silver. It is much brighter and positive and it reminds of snow.

With this few tips, you can create a magical Christmas in your hotel. However, remember that the Christmas spirit is not only in the decorations or the presents. Give you guests a big Christmas smile and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Here are the latest festive offers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi based hotels:

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