How about Video Gift Cards starring You?


This holiday season, Amazon and the digital entertainment studio JibJab join forces to give you an original way to surprise your friends for Christmas. now offers a special video gift cards. To create them, clients can use funny thematic videos. In addition, people are encouraged to add faces to the characters in the clips using their own pictures. In other words, with this option you can include yourself, your friends or relatives in the video.

Christmas  cards fans can choose between different video themes like Christmas Elves, Sleigh Ride, A Christmas Carol, Christmas Tree and many more.

These video gift cards are also incredibly funny. You can see yourself and your friends dance, sing, as well as other entertaining activities.  are suitable for people of all ages and especially tech geeks.

With Amazon’s video gift cards you can quickly surprise anyone. That is because you can send them over email or your Facebook account. They come at a very affordable price since you can choose how much to spend on them. In addition, clients can get a card for the starting price of $0.15. The maximum you can spend on this service is $2,000.

The receivers of the gift cards can redeem their value for a product or products offered on The site has a rich catalogue of all sorts or items which can suit any taste, need or interest. Now you no longer need to be afraid that your friends may not like your present. With Amazon’s video gift cards you can let them do all the picking and choosing.

If you are planning a holiday travel or you won’t have any Internet access around Christmas, you can schedule the delivery on a specific date. In fact, the gift card can be delivered up to a year in advance!

With Amazon’s video gift cards you won’t have to wonder for weeks how to surprise your near and dear. With a few clicks of your mouse you can create the most original and fun Christmas gift! Just try it!

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