Bridal Fashion Week 2012 Overview: Trends & Styles


The Bridal Fashion Week in New York which took place between October 12 and 15 showed a wide variety of   designer visions. Unlike the last few years, Vera Wang’s bridal collection was entirely white. Other designers, however, went with very short dresses and oversized headpieces. Nevertheless, there were a few trends that were established by this year’s designer bridal collections. Here’s what to expect for the 2013 Fall fashion season.

The Ghost of Kate Middleton’s Dress Still Here

Despite the fact that the Royal Wedding was in 2011, designers seem to have a hard time forgetting Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Similar to the Duchess’ gown, wedding dresses next season will have lays of lace and long sleeves. Lace was the most popular fabric at this year’s bridal show in New York and longs sleeves were surprisingly… loose at times.

Oversized Headpieces

The lovely airy veils are now in the past! For bitter or for worse, designers have decided to replace them with huge and bold headpieces. Most of the headpieces have flower elements or are entirely flowered. There were a few veils here and there. However, their dramatic style was far from appropriate for a happy occasion like wedding.

Illusion Necklines

The headpiece disappointment was quickly forgotten when the runways were invaded by the so-called illusion neckline. With it the outfits look looser, however, they still manage to keep everything in place. So, brides, you won’t have any trouble partying in your pretty gowns.

Some Colour

This year many designers decided to stay away from the traditional white dress. However, they also avoided deep and dark colours like red. Instead they went with pale nuances like olive green, blush pink, café, and baby blue. Therefore, season 2013 will be moderately colourful.

So, if you are planning a wedding in 2013, make sure your gown has some colour, necklines, headpieces and that it also resembles Kate Middleton’s dress.


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