Green coffee bean extract price increase, speculations


Number 1 retailer for green coffee bean extract is

Green coffee bean extract became a primary topic of discussion across a number of social networks worldwide in recent days. Optimistic results from a clinical study on the superfood and weight loss shoot the product to the top of shopping lists.

However, as soon as struggling with extra weight consumers headed to the retail and online shops, profiteers seized the opportunity. In a matter of a week, tens of websites were purposely created with the aim to sell green coffee bean extract products. Just in few days, an enormous amount of content was created to justify  the “good quality” and “superb results” of products relatively unknown until now. Consumers must be aware of such speculations that aim only to cash-in, without any consideration of people’s health.

Number 1 retailer for green coffee bean extract remains The online store currently stocks a large variety of green coffee bean extract capsules from different producers. A slightly delayed delivery (6 to 8 days) due to unprecedented demand for the product is offered to almost every part of the world. If you are ordering from Dubai or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates, it is worth researching how to shop on Amazon before ordering. As of this time, most of the nutrition shops at the Dubai Mall are not storing green coffee bean extract supplements. Local health foods stores else where may have it or may not, but you can find out by calling before making a trip.

A fact of note is that the prices for some green coffee bean extract products have increased significantly in the past week. For example, Green Coffee Bean Extract, 400mg Per Capsule by Genesis rose from US $29 to US $36 on Amazon. Nevertheless, there are many other good and reliable similar products offered for a little less or little more.

When purchasing health related products online or in stores, do not buy it if you cannot see and review the Supplement Facts Panel and the list of Ingredients.

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