IT And Engineering Jobs Are Most In-Demand in UAE

  • Most in-demand jobs in the UAE include IT, pharmaceuticals, and engineering
  • Data shows that the digital age is changing the landscape for jobseekers and those sourcing employees.
  • Techfynder’s interactive heat map shows opportunities across 180 countries globally

Award-winning AI-based global hiring platform Techfynder has revealed the most in-demand jobs across sectors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It coincides with a move by the Irish firm to boost its operational coverage in the UAE to build further upon the rise in demand for its services from both employers and job-seeking candidates in the country which already sees over 100,000 candidates registering on the platform. With over 250 UAE employers registering their job opportunities on Techfynder, the rapidly growing pool of employers is expected to grow further as the country’s employers look to the platform to support their talent pipeline to fuel their increasing needs for skilled employees. 

Sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals, and engineering have emerged as the top sectors that employers are currently hiring for, with a growing demand for tech professionals of all types across industries, with hundreds of tech positions advertised and an ever-growing database in the region.

Technology will only remain at the forefront of a business’s outlook as they move forward in the digital world, and societal changes are driven by advances in technological development. The UAE, as one of the youngest global technology hubs, offers a hotbed for tech innovation and is a vibrant ecosystem for talent and those sourcing employees for their businesses.

The tech sector is one of the most in-demand currently in Dubai, while accounting and retail were amongst the top-most hiring sectors in Abu Dhabi. Engineering, logistics and manufacturing also topped the list in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain.

Techfynder’s data, taken from local and global destinations across 180 countries, highlights the changing recruitment landscape, with diverging job sectors, roles, and career interests seen in the country.

Techfynder works to simplify the hiring process, supporting a whole range of businesses to reach global talent worldwide and, for those seeking employment, to have access to countless remote and on-site opportunities. The platform saves employers and employees cost and time and increases efficiencies and revenue for businesses. Its features include a global heat map which shows real-time profile availability and activity, with over 1.4 million active profiles across the globe.

Award-winning AI-based global hiring platform Techfynder has revealed the most in-demand jobs across sectors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The platform is free for jobseekers and is based on a tiered subscription service for businesses that brings a large range of unique features for hiring managers to simplify the process. One of the key features is the reference check functionality which helps employers and hiring managers get into contact with their potential hires’ professional references quickly and efficiently. These tools help knock out the back work of hiring and can be used to attract, as well as verify, qualified candidates.

Since the company launched in October 2019, it has experienced rapid success in its model which is attributable to the fact that traditional search and hire models are both costly and time-consuming.

Paul Guy, Marketing Director at Techfynder, said: “We are excited by our ongoing growth and huge potential available here in the UAE which is a digitally driven and forward-thinking nation. We are constantly looking at ways to grow further and innovate. We are ambitious in our drive for more adaptability, speed, flexibility, and high success rates in finding experienced talent for all business needs. We are delighted to be able to build out our coverage of services in the UAE and wider region, coming at a time when we are seeing real demand by both jobseekers and employers.”

Award-winning AI-based global hiring platform Techfynder has revealed the most in-demand jobs across sectors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

With simplicity built into the platform, jobseekers can connect and communicate with top global employers, manage their applications and accept offers in no time, including the ability to highlight their skills, rates, experience, and availability.  It also allows all communication with the hiring manager to be made directly on the same platform.

Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Government’s trade and innovation agency, supports Irish companies such as Techfynder to create lasting partnerships with local partners across the Middle East who are seeking the best in cutting-edge innovation.

Mohamed Shahin, Senior Market Adviser at Enterprise Ireland MENA said: “Techfynder is truly a great story of Irish tech innovation taking root in the region and around the world. The company continues to extend its innovative services, tapping further into opportunities for supporting jobseekers and businesses. As a globally important technology centre, Ireland has the innovation culture to create a world-class talent management industry and Techfynder is a great example of this.”


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