The perfect example for applying the name “Dubai” to whatever concept


What is Your point?

According to physicist David Albright, who studies secret nuclear weapons programs around the world, Dubai is cracking down on smugglers who use the country as an “intermediate point” to send technology to Iran.


  1. ……a man, who lives across the globe, presumably with limited practical experience, but  plenty of theoretical knowledge and research conclusions….

    …..suddenly projects our city in a new scary role….


  2. I watched the video several times and noticed how he hesitates before mentioning Abu Dhabi. Funny – looks like some one instructed him to point out at Dubai and Abu Dhabi , and he just repeats, but is not very sure. The woman who interviews him also keeps emphasizing on Dubai and asking the questions by giving the answers. The advert in the beginning of the clip also adds to the allover very commercial stunt. Clearly, the media seeks sensation and larger number of viewers. It is so shallow that I doubt any relatively intelligent  guy will bit it.

  3. I believe in America and in the UK media can pay tons of money  for people to shame and blame or sell their stories. See this footballer girlfriend from the last week news in UK was offered 250k pounds from some newspaper to tell about her love affair. So, no wonder if this physicist is now few $k reacher. Even in the National was written that some media gy paid few hundred pounds to someone to sell his old films from the gulf. Anyway, this is a bad publicity. Here the editor linked the articles very clever to show people in few words what is this all about it!


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