Dubai to Open World’s Best Crocodile Theme Park


Illustration of the Dubai Crocodile Park Courtesy Dubai MunicpalityDubai announced yet another ambitions project. This time, however, the new entertainment facility will focus on the preservation of a particular type of endangered species – crocodiles. The emirate will build its very first crocodile theme park. In addition, the city has the ambition to make the preservation park for crocodiles one of the best in the world.

The cost of the project is estimated at over $2.72 million or AED10 million. Also, the park will occupy a massive area of 20,000 square meters.

Apart from preserving crocodiles, Dubai’s park will also aim at boosting the city’s reputation of a preservation location. In addition, the municipality plans to use the crocodile reserve as an alternative educational method for students in the region. It will help children learn more about these unique animals and possibly encourage and stimulate their interest in natural science.

Of course, the park is also expected to attract many tourists. That is why it is planned to follow an interesting concept that will offer a mixture of adventure and nature to curious visitors.

The idea for the project was shared yesterday at a press conference by Dubai Municipality’s director-general Hussain Nassir Loootah. The general-director stated that Dubai’s crocodile park will have an important role in the city’s tourism sector, as well as in the research activities conducted in the area.

Dubai Municipality has already signed an agreement for the project with a contracting company. The contractor that will work on the park is called White Onyx Investment LLC.

The crocodile preservation park in Dubai will be located 10km from the Dubai International Airport, which is also known as a travel hub. It will be built outside the city in a Northeast direction.

The project is reported to be constructed on a BOT (build-operate-transfer) basis. This means that a private-owned company will build and operate the park. After that it will transfer the ownership to the government. It is estimated that it will be finished after about two years.


  1. i think this park your building is a bad idea because its just a waste of time and your taking the crocodile away from its habitat!!


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