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Bedrooms, or more correctly the bed, are where we spend more than one-third of our lives, so the style of our room should be comforting and styled as we like. That means any style at all; this is one room where you can be totally personal in your choice of decoration.

The focal piece of furniture is of course the bed but what we actually sleep on is the mattress so we shall start there.

Determine whether you need a new mattress. First, strip off all the bedding and examine the surface of the mattress. Are there hollows where you normally sleep? Is the covering fabric worn? Have you gained or lost weight in the last couple of years? Do you wake up aching? If you answer yes to any of the above, you need a new mattress. Besides your house and your car, buying a mattress is the third biggest purchase decision of your life, and you spend more time on it, than you do in your car.

To buy a mattress you must test drive it first, if you sleep with a partner, take them with you. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Take your time – do not feel rushed or embarrassed it is an important purchase. Do not just sit on the edge of the bed and say this feels ok – you do not sleep like that. Lie on the bed, roll about, and take your own pillow with you if necessary. If you read each night sitting up, try that position to see if it is comfortable.

Firm or soft?

If you share your bed, you may each have different needs, what your partner feels is firm may be different to what you feel.

There are many types of mattress to choose from, so when you start trying them all, you may find you prefer a water bed for instance. Traditional beds with springs and foam mattress are what most of us think of first, but within this range there are many standards. Rule of thumb is to buv the best vou can afford- it will pay off. One of the newer ranges on the market is the foam with memory type. These are worth trying out, they support, and arc comfortable, equally however, they are expensive. If you cannot afford the whole mattress, you can buy a mattress cover, this is a layer approximately 5cm or 2inches thick to lay over your existing mattress.

There is a waterbed company in Dubai so it is worth trying them if you are buying a new bed.The base of your bed is equally important A platform bed is a box with springy and a foam covering allowing your mattress a base that is firm yet has some give to it. If your bed has slats then it is your mattress that has all the give and the base has very little movement. Make sure the slats fit tightly in the frame for an even support and wear.


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