David Webb signature jewellery may attract Middle Eastern buyers



Sotheby’s New York Auction Sept. 25, 2008

The celebrated jewellery designer and artisan David Webb, a long time New York icon is best known for his animal and art deco pieces combining diamonds, enamel, and both precious and semiprecious gemstones.  Sotheby’s New York Auction on Sept. 25, 2008 will feature a ten piece collection of some of David Webb’s most sought after Signature designs.

Woman with impeccable personal style like Estee Lauder executive Aerin Lauder and designer Tory Burch both turn to David Webb jewellery when they need to make a statement.  Gwen Stefanie and Jennifer Lopez also covet David Webb’s unique creations.  His bold and intricate Jewellery is to be treasured and carefully preserved for generations to come.
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