New York Fashion Week Preview


The strong season for fashion events kicks off with the New York Fashion Week. The event will start this Thursday and it will gather fashionistas for eight days. The New York Fashion Week will set the trends for the Spring/Summer 2014 seasons. Therefore, everyone present or mobile will have their eyes set on the runway.

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It is expected that the event will be attended by 100,000 people. Among them will be fans, celebrities and fashion designers, of course. This edition of NYFW will consists of various fashion-dedicated events. Each of them will present the new collections of fashion gurus. Designers who will take part in the upcoming New York Fashion Week include Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, Zac Posen, Vera Wang, Caroline Herrera and Michael Kors. Most of their collections would be available later at and

What can we expect to see at NYFS? Many designers have already shared some information about their collections, inspirations and ideas. Therefore, it is possible to outline the main tendencies and make an early preview of the event .

If we have to sum things up, we would say that some of the main trends of Spring/Summer 2014 will include strong lines and crisp whites. Prints will again be present on the runway. However, this fall they will be bolder than before.

When it comes to inspirations, Mediterranean vibes will dominate the atmosphere. This is the case with the collection of Serge Azria for Joie and that of Manel Jadraque for Desigual. Another region that have inspired many of the collections, which we are about to see at New York Fashion Week, is Africa. The continent has charmed Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis and influenced their collection for Suno. Son Jong Wan was especially impressed by Marocco. So, we can expect to see this reflected in Wan’s designs. There will be also some California chic, as well as rebellious designs from Tom Morq for J. Crew.

For good or for bad, a number of well-known trends will continue to be popular. Sun-washed and safari hues will still be a hit. Also, military designs will remain relevant. However, this time they will come in more softened versions.

This edition of New York Fashion Week promises to be very interesting. It will offer designs which are both new and old, soft and bold.

Some social network websites are already prepping for the event. Pinterest, for example, has created an entire category Fashion Week. There, it will offer its users a coverage of NYFW. Tumblr, on the other hand, has organized a group of bloggers who will cover the events with blog posts and photos. Therefore, even if you are not able to go visit personally this edition of the fashion week in New York, you are not likely to miss anything.


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