Cherish Christmas Traditions a la Hollywood Stars


You may think that Hollywood stars and in general celebrities do not celebrate Christmas like normal people do. However, you would be surprised to find out that they have a pretty traditional Christmas holiday, or at least many of them. Contrary to the popular belief, unlike many Dubai residents, Hollywood stars don’t travel to an exotic and hidden spot, where they party and sunbathe till they drop. Surprisingly, most of the rich and famous like to play it low when Christmas arrives. Now let’s take a look at some celebrity Christmas traditions.

The Kardashians – No matter what, this family always stays strong. The Kardashians send holiday cards, not like Amazon’s gift cards, but rather greetings cards. As you can imagine, they are quite extravagant and they include all members of the famous reality TV family.

Teri Hatcher – This “desperate housewife” loves to spend the holiday with her daughter. Together they bake cookies and they give them away to friends and family. An obligatory part of Hatcher’s Christmas celebration is making a traditional gingerbread house. This is pretty easy to accomplish at home if you buy from the supermarket chocolate chip cookies mix. As for the traditional gingerbread house, you can find plenty of options across the Dubai shopping malls.

Martha Stewart – Another big and most popular fan of baking is Martha Stewart. The famous housekeeper likes to prepare cookies following her mother’s recipes. Among them are the Noal Nut Balls which she compares to snowballs.

Sandra Bullock – The beautiful actress also values her mother’s Christmas traditions. However, Bullock admits that she prepares her holiday dinner in an illegal way and we mean that quite literally. Miss Congeniality sneaks German sausages into the United States. The actress is of German descendant and her mother used to prepare a traditional German meal for Christmas with, apparently, lots of sausages.

Nicolas Cage – The actor likes to travel to Europe for the holiday. That is because he has some sweet childhood memories from the time his family used to live in Italy. Lago di Garda, here we come with an A380 Emirates flight and loaded credit cards!

So as you can see, many celebrities and Hollywood stars enjoy preserving and following old Christmas traditions as many common people do. And many common people celebrate Christmas like Hollywood stars. The Christmas spirit is hidden in all of us!

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