Men Fashion Trends Fall 2012

Elegance and Style Meet Crazy and Bold

If you follow all the men fashion trends, you probably know that during the last few years men’s clothes were quite neutral, unoriginal and even boring. Well, this Fall things are about to change… a bit. This autumn men fashion trends are a little bolder and manlier. Fall 2012 offers a 1940s touch mixed up with fun and crazy patters. Elegance and style join forces with fresh patterns and bold colours. Here are the trends in men fashion for Fall 2012.

Mix Things Up

Fall 2012 is all about mixing! There is mixing of colours, mixing of patterns and mixing of trends. Don’t get us wrong! When we say “mixing” we don’t mean fashion choices that would only suit a clown. After all, we are talking about MEN’s fashion, right? So don’t get too carried away.

Colours & Patterns

This Fall colours are bolder and include shades like Wine, Rhubarb and Bright Chartreuse. However, they are combined with more neutral tones like gray. Talking of gray, this is this Fall’s must-have-colour. It is very elegant and combines easily with many bold hues.

Patterns also get a little crazier this season. You are now allowed to mix plaids, herringbone, tweeds and checks. Come up with some fun combinations that would make you stand out from the crowd!

In Cold Weather, Wear Leather

The most important word you should remember this season, gentlemen, is “leather”. This Fall leather will dominate. From outfits to accessories, this material will wrap up the season. However, don’t dress all in leather. That would be wrong! And also, remember to mix. This Fall your belt doesn’t need to match your shoes. So if you have some leftovers in your wardrobe you can now use them.

Don’t Peel the Layers

It seems that layering is not getting popular only in women’s fashion. This season male collections also have a preference for layering. Suits are now complemented by a fine trench. So three-piece suits are back! And don’t forget the vests. This Fall they can go without a tie. If you feel that this style is too formal, roll up the sleeves of your shirt.

Lighten Up

Gentlemen, make sure you have at least one pair of light trousers to wear this season. Look for pants in whitecap, camel-colours and corduroys. Combine them with dark brown shoes or boots to add a little contrast. If you are in Dubai or elsewhere with similar climate, natural colour linen is the best option.

Still Here

What a surprise – military style is still here! This one never seems to get old, because apparently men love it. Military jackets and coats are going to be very trendy this Fall. Accessories like belts and hats also follow that fashion. However, try not to combine military accessories with military outfits. You are not going on a war, you know.

So, gentlemen, this Fall things get a little easier for you. You don’t need to invest much though into colour, pattern or texture combinations. Just keep the mix going and you won’t get wrong!

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