What Is Custom Jewellery

The term “custom jewellery” can cover a broad spectrum of items. One thing that is certain, you don’t find it at your local department store or even the mall jewelry kiosk. Custom jewellery is made specifically for one person. It might be something as special as an engagement ring, as commonplace as a charm bracelet, or anything in between. The intent of making it for a particular individual is what makes it ‘custom.’

If you don’t know how to use the lost wax method of pouring silver or gold, you don’t have to panic. Most custom pieces are professionally made after you place an order, and that is certainly an option. A jeweler can make a truly custom piece from a sketch you might provide or on their own inspiration. You, however, can create custom pieces using jewelry kits, online software, or a number of other helpful tools.

Start Making Jewelry

Just as the jeweller starts with an idea, your custom creation needs to start there, too. You might find inspiration in pictures you see in a magazine, out in nature, or even just in your own head. Any of these are a good starting point. What do you want to make? Many custom jewellery kits let you make several complementary pieces such as a bracelet, a necklace, or some earrings. Others are designed to let you play with various elements and make one stunning product.

Another option is to start with your focal point. You may find a beautiful stone you want to set or wrap in wire. A pendant you see online may jump out at you and end up as the main feature of a necklace. You may have an outfit you love and want something to coordinate with it. Whatever motivation drives you, use it to carry you forward.

Use the Internet

There are many things which can be said about the Internet, but for the artist, the availability of materials from around the world at the click of a button is a boon. Not only can you access things you would never see in your hometown, you can do so quickly and affordable. There are all sorts of tools you can use to demo your creation. These will let you try different solutions until you have made the perfect custom piece.

With the right company, you will have both selection and quality. You may be able to customize every aspect of your jewelry, from clasp to cabochon. You should even be able to save your project and come back to it later, just to make sure you are happy with the end product.

Hands On or Off?

Just because you designed a custom jewellery, doesn’t mean you want the task of putting it together. You may not have the skills, the dexterity, or the tools, or you may simply want to receive your new jewellery in its completed state. The best jewellery companies will offer professional assistance in the construction phase of your project.

If you want to do the work yourself, that is fine too. You can have your materials sent to your home where you can put it together at your leisure.

Common Custom Projects

One of the more commonCustom Jewellery projects is wedding jewellery. To pull together the look of the bridal party, some brides opt to have custom pieces made for each attendant. This allows the bride to present each friend with something special while avoiding fashion mishaps.

Another opportunity to make custom jewellery is for family events. Personalized charms, monogrammed necklaces, and other custom pieces can be a welcome gift at your reunion or other get together.

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