How to Buy Perfect Sofa


From movie nights to hosting parties, sofa is an anchor of the living room. People often make a common mistake of buying a piece of furniture that has style over functionality, a powerhouse that requires research and testing. When time comes to upgrade your beloved sofa take time to choose a worthy one.

Here are five steps to to guide you how to buy perfect sofa for your home:

1. Assess what you want

Are you looking for a style statement in a new house or a comfortable corner in a villa? What is the criteria, look or feel? Once you’ve decided on the ideal piece that will best suit what you are looking for, you can get down to measurements.

2. Bring your concept alive

BoConcept offers a 3D modelling service which allows you to visualise the sofa in your space. To get started, measure out the room and create a floorplan. Better still, book an in-home consultation so the experts can do it for you. Also measure your current sofa (length, depth and height) and think about what works and what doesn’t.

3. Choose the texture

The first step in choosing the right fabric or leather for your sofa. Fabrics can be classic – be it textural linens in neutral tones or fashionable – velvets. Leather is timeless, but while full aniline is soft and luxurious (and warm), corrected leather where the scars and scratches have been removed looks more uniformed.

4. Stay and play

When you visit the showroom, set aside enough time to test-drive the different configurations and proportions to find out what’s right for you. Kick your feet up and hunker in. How does a sofa with more depth feel to sit in? What about the arm height – is that comfy to lie on?

5. Have a consultation with an in-house designer

Because BoConcept sofas are custom made to order, the configuration and upholstery can be personalized. Too many options can sometimes make it harder to close-in on one. But worry not, the BoConcept staff all have a design background, so they can lead you through the decision process.

From style advice to customised 3D renderings of your space, BoConcept offers a complimentary interior design service to suit your requirements. You can book a free consultation at their Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah showroom or online to discuss your initial thoughts.


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