Global Village Set To Reopen


During the past years, Global Village has become Dubai’s top winter destination for shopping and entertainment.

From children’s treats and shopping delights for adults to back-to-back concerts and performances of top entertainers from the around the world, the Global Village has become the region’s first and most successful multicultural festival park.

The next season is about to kick off in a week, on November 1st. The entertainment and shopping destination  will remain operational until April 7, 2018.

Last year, during its 21st season, Global Village registered in 5.6 million visitors, and achieved 9/10 in “Happiness Index” during its 159 days of operation.

The destination has become one of the city’s top tourist attractions as it offers authentic and unmatched shopping, dining and funfair experiences — bringing together a collection of cultural and retail treats from the world over.

Entertainment, too, has been at the forefront of the Global Village experience with some of the biggest Asian and Arab stars performing at its main stage.

Each year, organisers take the Global Village experience up a notch to enhance the guest experience regardless of age, nationality, or profile.

Global Village has also become the one-stop destination for the world’s most delectable cuisines, from the East to the West, North to South — and, of course, the Middle East.

Winning opportunities are also on offer! Last year, it gave away more than Dh2 million over the duration of 159 days, through a myriad of visitor engagements such as the ‘Catch the Cash’ (winners were given a chance to win up to Dh250,000), weekly raffle draws — allowing visitors to win pots of Dh100,000 by simply purchasing a Dh15 entrance ticket into Global Village).


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